Effective Homoeopathic Management of viral fever epidemics

Dr.Suja Pillai
Dr.Aji Punnen
Dr.Rumsheed Necholi
PG Scholars, Govt. Homeopathic  Medical College. Calicut
Moderator : Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali . Lecturer, GHMC. Calicut

Effective homoeopathic management of  viral fever

Homeopathy found to be more effective in Viral fever epidemic & PVF arthritis in Kerala
In the last 2-3 years, homeopathic medicines were found to be more effective both as a preventive and curative in epidemic fevers of Kerala – like viral fever, chikungunya, dengue, hepatitis etc.

Many of the Govt. homeopathic hospitals and private clinics are packed with patients suffering with various viral fevers.
Majority of the Kerala population now depending mainly on homeopathic medicines for PVF Squeal – post viral fever arthritis  and related symptoms and disabilities.

Homeopathy medicine can offer effective cure with in the shortest time with out any side effects comparing to other systems of medicine in viral fevers.

At Govt. Homeopathic Medical College Calicut elaborate and separate IP departments started for treating Viral fever for children, male and female with required lab facilities, x-ray, ECG, USG etc..

A separate PVF Squeal ward also started with Physiotherapy Unit. This physiotherapy unit is the largest in Kerala under Govt. sector.

All the OPD have separate facility for fever patients. Doctors are available round the clock. The college got wide media coverage after starting the fever wards and fever OPDs.

Preventive medicine were distributed to more than 1.5 lakh people.
The College will conduct a statistical study both on the preventive and curative aspect of homeopathy treatment given and will submit to Govt. soon.

The fevers now prevailing in kerala can be considered as acute epidemic diseases

Aphorism 73
Allied to these are those diseases in which many persons are attacked with very similar sufferings from the same cause (epidemically); these diseases generally become infectious (contagious) when they prevail among thickly congregated masses of human beings.

Foot note 17
A striking fact in corroboration of this is, that whilst previously to the year 1801, when the smooth scarlatina of Sydenham still occasionally prevailed epidemically among children, it attacked without exception all children who had escaped it in a former epidemic; in a similar epidemic which I witnessed in Konigslutter, on the contrary, all the children who took in time a very small dose of belladonna remained unaffected by this highly infectious infantile disease.  If medicines can protect from a disease that is raging around, they must possess a vastly superior power of affecting our vital force.

Aphorism 100
In investigating the totality of the symptoms of epidemic and sporadic diseases it is quite immaterial whether or not something similar has ever appeared in the world before under the same name or any other name.

Aphorism 101
It may easily happen that in the first case of an epidemic disease that presents itself to the physician’s notice he does not at once obtain a knowledge off its complete picture, as it is only by a close observation of several cases of every such collective disease that he can become conversant with the totality of its signs and symptoms.

The carefully observing physician can, however, from the examination of even the first and second patients, often arrive so nearly at a knowledge of the true state as to have in his mind a characteristic portrait of it, and even to succeed in finding a suitable, homoeopathically adapted remedy for it.

Aphorism 240
But if the remedy found to be the homoeopathic specific for a prevalent epidemic of intermittent fever do not effect a perfect cure in some one or  other patient, if it be not the influence of a marshy district that prevents the cure, it must always be the psoric miasm in the background, in which case the antipsoric medicines must be employed until complete relief is obtained.

Aphorism 242
If, however, in such an epidemic intermittent fever the first paroxysms have been left uncured, or if the patients have been weakened by improper

allopathic treatment; then the inherent psora that exists, alas! in so many persons, although in a latent state, becomes developed, takes on the type of the intermittent fever, and to all appearance continues to play the part of the epidemic intermittent fever, so that the medicine, which would have been useful in the first paroxysms (rarely an antipsoric), is now no longer suitable and cannot be of any service.

Kent’s lesser writings

  • A rational use of curative agents
  • After taking many cases symptoms must be written in Hahnemannian scheme ie under regional headings
  • All the symptoms gathered must be considered to be taken from single person
  • General sytmptoms must be considered first followed by particulars
  • Great mistakes may come from going too deeply into particulars before the generals are settled.

Chronic diseases

Nature of chronic diseases
The Homoeopathic healing art, as taught in my own writings and in those of my pupils, when faithfully followed, has hitherto shown its natural superiority over any allopathic treatment in a very decided and striking manner; and this not only in those diseases which suddenly attack men (the acute diseases), but also in  epidemic diseases and in sporadic fevers.

But during the treatment of chronic diseases by antipsoric remedies we often need the other non-antipsoric store of medicines in cases where epidemic diseases or intermediate diseases (morbi intercurrentes) arising usually from meteoric and telluric causes attack our chronic patients, and so not only temporarily disturb the treatment, but even interrupt it for a longer time.

Here the other homoeopathic remedies will have to be used, wherefore I shall not enter upon this here, except to say that the antipsoric treatment will have for the time to be totally discontinued, so long as the treatment of the epidemic disease which has also seized our (chronic) patient may last, even if a few weeks in the worst cases may thus be lost. But here also, if the disease is not too severe, the above mentioned method of applying the medicine by smelling a moistened pellet is often sufficient to help, and the cure of the acute disease may thus be extraordinarily shortened.

The intelligent homoeopathic physician will soon note the point of time when his remedies have completed the cure of the epidemic intermediate disease and when the peculiar course of the chronic (psoric) malady is continued. The symptoms of the original chronic disease will, however, always be found somewhat varied after the cure of such a prevailing intermediate disease.

Also another part of the body will be found suffering, so that the homoeopathic physician will choose his antipsoric remedy according to the totality of the remaining symptoms, and not simply give the one he intended to give before the intermediate disease appeared.

Here is a fitting opportunity to note that the great epidemic diseases: smallpox, measles, purple rash, scarlet fever, whooping cough, fall dysentery and typhoid, when they complete their course especially without a judicious homoeopathic treatment, leave the organism so shaken and irritated, that with many who seem restored, the psora which was before slumbering and latent now awakes quickly, either into itch-like eruptions or into other chronic disorders, which then reach a high degree in a short time, if they are not treated properly in an antipsoric manner.

Epidemic and sporadic fevers, therefore, as well as the miasmatic acute diseases, if they do not soon terminate and pass directly over into good health, (even when the epidemic and acute miasmatic part has found a homoeopathic specific which has been rightly used against them), often need an antipsoric assistance, which I have usually found in sulphur, if the patient had not used shortly before a medicine containing sulphur, in which case another antipsoric suitable to this particular case will have to be used.


BACK – PAIN – Lumbar region – fever; during
Acon.bg2 apisbg2 arn.bg2 Ars.bg2 bry.bg2 CALC.bg2 Caust.bg2 Cham.bg2 chin.bg2 cocc.bg2 Ign.bg2 kali-c.bg2 lyc.bg2 merc.bg2 Nat-m.bg2 NUX-V.bg2 phos.bg2 PULS.bg2 Rhus-t.bg2 rutabg2 SEP.bg2 sil.bg2 stront-c.bg2 Sulph.bg2 

EXTREMITIES – PAIN – fever, during
Acon.bg2 agn.bg2 alum.bg2 am-c.bg2 Ant-c.bg2 apisbg2 Arn.bg2,k ars.bg2,k bell.bg2,k BRY.b7.de,bg2,k Calc.b4.de,bg2,k canth.bg2 CAPS.b7.de,bg2 CARB-V.b4.de,bg2 caust.bg2 cham.bg2 Chin.b7.de,bg2,k Cimic.sne Colch.bg2 cypra-eg.sde6.de dulc.bg2 elat.c1 EUP-PER.bg2,br1,k Ferr.bg2,k Gels.bg2 gink-b.sbd1 Hell.b7.de,bg2 IGN.bg2 ip.bg2 kali-c.bg2 kali-n.bg2 Lyc.b4.de,bg2 mag-c.bg2 mag-m.bg2 mang.k2 Merc.k mur-ac.k2 nat-m.bg2,k nat-s.k2 NUX-V.b7.de,bg2,k phos.b4.de,bg2,k poliomtf11 ptel.a1,k puls.b7.de,bg2,k Pyrog.k Rhod.b4.de,bg2,k Rhus-t.b7.de,bg2,k samb.bg2 sec.k sep.a1,b4.de,bg2,k sil.bg2 spong.bg2 sulph.b4.de,bg2,k tarax.bg2 thuj.bg2 tub.k valer.k verat.bg2 Zinc.bg2 

FEVER – DENGUE fever : acon.c1,c2 Eup-per.c2 Gels.c2

SKIN – DISCOLORATION – red – fever; during : Apisbg2 ARS.bg2 bell.bg2 canth.b7.de,bg2 IGN.bg2 merc.bg2 Nux-v.bg2 Op.bg2 ph-ac.bg2 Puls.bg2 rhus-t.bg2 

GENERALS – PAIN – rheumatic – fever; during  : led.b7.de 

GENERALS – PAIN – Bones – fever – during : Arn. chin. EUP-PER. ign. nat-m. Puls.

GENERALS – PAIN – Muscles – fever; during: eup-per.br1 tub-a.jl2 

GENERALS – WEAKNESS – fever – after : Alst-s. Apis Aran. caesal-b. carc. gent-l. morph. sal-ac. Sel. stry-p. sulph. syph.

GENERALS – WEAKNESS – fever – during
acon. ail. alum. am-m. anac. ang. ant-t. Anthraci. Apis aran. arg-met. Arn. ARS. Bapt. bar-c. bell. borx. Bry. cadm-s. calc. camph. canth. carb-v. cassia-s. caust. cham. Chin. chinin-ar. coli. crot-h. CUPR. dig. dros. elaps eup-a. Eup-per. eup-pur. ferr. Ferr-p. Gels. Ign. iod. ip. kali-c. kali-i. kali-n. kreos. laur. lyc. meny. merc. morph. Mur-ac. nat-c. Nat-m. nicc. nit-ac. nit-s-d. nux-m. NUX-V. petr. Ph-ac. PHOS. plb. Puls. rheum rhod. Rhus-t. Rob. sabad. sarr. sep. sil. spig. Stann. sul-ac. sulph. thuj. tub. tub-m. VERAT. verat-v.

ACON. ambr. anac. Anders. ant-c. apoc. arg-n. ARS. ars-i. ars-s-f. asar. bamb-a. bar-m. BELL. benz-ac. bros-gau. Bry. bufo caesal-b. CALC. caps. carb-v. cassia-s. CHAM. Chel. chin. Chinin-s. choc. cina Cocc. coff. coloc. cycl. Dig. Dros. Ferr. ferr-ar. Gels. granit-m. Graph. HELL. IGN. iod. ip. kali-ar. kreos. lac-del. lac-lup. lat-h. lat-m. Led. lyc. Merc. Mez. nat-c. nat-m. Nat-s. nicc. NIT-AC. NUX-V. Olnd. petr. phos. pitu-gl. Plb. Podo. positr. Puls. Pyrog. ran-b. RHUS-T. sabad. sabin. Samb. Sang. Sep. ser-a-c. sil. spig. staph. staphycoc. Stram. sulfonam. SULPH. Tarent. Thuj. trem-g. tub. Verat. Zinc.  


  • GENERALS – WEAKNESS – fever – during
  • EXTREMITIES – PAIN – fever, during
  • BACK – PAIN – fever, during
  • EXTREMITIES – SWELLING – dropsical
  1. NUX VOMICA – 12/4
  2. ARS ALB – 11/5
  3. EUP PERF – 9/4
  4. IGNATIA –9/4
  5. RHUSTOX – 9/4
  6. BELLADONA –8/5
  7. CHINA –8/5
  8. LYCOPODIUM –8/5
  9. MERCURIUS – 8/5
  10. PULSATILLA – 8/5

Differentiation using rubrics :  Thirst

  • Thirst chill before — Ars,china, eup, puls
  • Thirst chill during  — apis, arn, caps,cina, eup, ign, nux, pyr, sep, sil, tub, ver
  • Thirst chill after – ars, chin, dros, puls
  • Thirstless heat during – apis, cina, gels, sabad, sep
  • Thirst for small quantities – ars, lyc
  •              Often – ars
  • Thirst for large quantities  — ars, bry, nat-m, phos, sulph, ver
  •                Often – bry, nat murr
  •                Long intervals – bry
  • Thirst heat during – acon, ars, bell, bry, eup, nat—m, nux, tub 


  • Pain fever during – bry, eup,nux
  •    2 —   arn, ferr, merc, pyrg, rhod, rhus.tox
  •  Pain on motion – bry, colch
  •    2 – cooc coloc, euph, guaic, kalm, led, nat-m, nux –v, ox-ac, phyt, plb, ran-b, sil
  • Pain – motion amel – kali-s, puls, pyrg, rhod, rhustox
  • Continued motion amel – cham, rhustox
  • Pain move on beginning to – ferr, lyc, phos, puls, rhustox
  • Pain night aggr – cham, merc, plb
  • Pain on lying – ars, merc
  •  PAIN – Joints – chill, during — CIMX. Ferr. Hell. nat-ar. podo. 


  • Dry mouth & thirstless or thirst for large quantities at large intervals
  • Wants to lie still & let be alone
  • H/A & pain better from pressure & worse from movement
  • Irritable
  • Hard stools
  • White tongue
  • Pulse full, hard, tense, and quick. Chill with external coldness,dry cough, stitches. Internal heat.
  • Sour sweat after slight exertion.
  • Easy, profuse perspiration.
  • Rheumatic and typhoid marked by gastro-hepatic complications.


  • Dry mouth & thirstless
  • Better by motion
  • Changeable symptoms
  • Chilliness but external warmth intolerable, worse in a close room, craves air or open air
  • Chilliness especially in the evening
  • Pain with chills
  • Thirstless during chill 

Nux vomica

  • Coldness or chilliness not relieved by warmth ie of stove or by any external covering
  • Ineffectual urge for stool
  • Angered & irritable
  • Thirsty
  • Must be covered in every stage of fever
  • Aching in limbs & back with gastric symptoms


  • Physically restless with no mental anxiety
  • Ameliorated by continuous motion
  • Aggvated  by  rest
  • Thirst for cold drinks especially at night
  • restless, trembling.
  • Tongue dry and brown;
  • sordes; bowels loose; great restlessness.
  • Intermittent; chill, with dry cough and restlessness.
  • During heat, urticaria.
  • Chilly, as if cold water were poured over him, followed by heat and inclination to stretch the limbs. 


  • Heaviness & tired ness of body & limbs
  • Bursting headache from neck to head to eyes
  • H/a releived by copious urination
  • Thirstless
  • Sleepy but cannot sleep
  • Chilliness with heat & chills
  • Wants to be held, because he shakes so.
  • Pulse slow, full, soft, compressible.
  • Chilliness up and down back.
  • Heat and sweat stages, long and exhausting.
  • Dumb-ague, with much muscular soreness, great prostration, and violent headache. 

Eup perf

  • Aching in limbs as if bones were broken
  • Dare not to move for pain
  • Bursting headache
  • Perspiration relieves all symptoms except headache.
  • Chill between 7 and 9 a.m. , preceded by thirst with great soreness and aching of bones.
  • Nausea, vomiting of bile at close of chill or hot stage; throbbing headache.
  • Knows chill is coming on because he cannot drink enough. 

Ledum pal

  • Coldness, want of animal heat.
  • Sensation as of cold water over parts;
  • general coldness with heat of face.
  • Pain in small finger joints
  • Soles painful can hardly step on them

Polyporus pinicola

  • Useful in intermittent, remittent and bilious fevers, with headache, yellow tongue, constant nausea, faintness at epigastrium, and constipation.
  • Deep dull, severe pain in shin bones, preventing sleep.
  • Great lassitude, congestion of head, with vertigo, face hot and flushed, prickling sensation all over;
  • restless atnight from pain in wrists and knee; rheumatic pains;
  • Profuse perspiration.
  • Headache about 10 a.m., with pain in back, ankles and legs increasing until 3 p.m., then gradually better. 


  • Used as a sedative and antipyretic for various forms of headache and neuralgia in doses of one to three grains.
  • For the homoeopathic indications use the third potency.


  • Coldness, with ill-humor. Shivering after drinking.
  • Chill begins in back; better, heat. Must have something hot to back.
  • Thirst before chill.


  • Pain in wrist & ankle
  • Worse slight motion
  • Great restlessness & thirst
  • Tingling & numbness of fingers

Solanum Lycopersicum

  • Pain left after influenzae
  • Severe aching pains all over the body
  • Intense aching in lower limbs
  • Sharp pain in right deltoid & pectoral muscles
  • Dull pain in lumbar region


  • Organon of Medicine 6th edition
  • Boericke’s Materia medica
  • Synthesis Repertory
  • Kent’s Repertory 6th edition
  • Chronic diseases
  • Kent’s Lesser writings
  • Allen’s Key notes 

Dr.Suja Pillai . Email : sujapillai8@gmail.com
Dr.Aji Punnen Email : ajipunnenkocheril@gmail.com
Dr.Rumsheed Necholi  Email : nrams3@gmail.com
PG Scholars, Govt. Homeopathic  Medical College. Calicut
Moderator : Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali . Lecturer, GHMC. Calicut

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