Effectiveness of homoeopathy in the prevention of typhoid epidemic

Dr Aparna.B  


  • In conventional system to prevent the burden of Epidemic diseases vaccination was the only source to prevent these infectious diseases. Drug resisting strains of organisms are emerging which are variants of the existing nature of infectious agent.
  • Homoeopathic remedy will allow the vital force immediately to deal with any exposure to agent.
  • Therefore this study was done with the intention to show, the effectiveness of Homoeopathy as both preventive and curative in Epidemic diseases. 

Methods of collection of data 

  • Posted to sir Ronald Ross Institute of Tropical and  communicable diseases , at Nallakunta, Hyderabad  in the month of February  2019, at that typhoid fever was more prevalent in pyrexia wards  than any other fever, and also than any  infectious diseases as per my survey in that hospital. So I had collected a study on typhoid fever as an Epidemic to find out Genus Epidemicus for typhoid fever.                                                                 

Sampling procedure:

  • 104 Cases had been studied, sample had been selected as a purposive sampling, only typhoid fever patients to find out Genus Epidemicus according to instructions given by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.
  • The following procedure had been done after collecting symptoms  from these 104 cases to find out Genus Epidemicus:

   Totality of the symptoms constructed   from the above data for Genus Epidemicus:

  • Chills, descending ; upper part of body to legs to spine to back
  • Chills , from back to spine to upper part of body
  • Chills > by covering
  • chills more at night
  • fever more at night
  • Pain over abdomen during fever
  • pain over head region during fever
  • On drinking water chills used to aggravate
  • Loose stools watery in consistency
  • Vomitings during  fever and nausea also
  • Thirst decreased during fever
  • Appetite decreased during fever
  • Sleep decreased during fever
  • Weakness severe during fever
  • Cough during fever, no expectoration 
  • Pains all over body sore and bruised during fever
  • Pulse rapid 

 From the above totality repertorization, using BBCR repertory

  • FEVER- Pathological types- typhoid fever
  • CIRCULATION-  Pulse-  Pulse- quick
  • CHILL- Chill – descending 
  • CHILL- Chill , etc – time – night
  • CHILL- Partial chill- on back- proceeding  from
  • CHILL – Shivering – in  general 
  • CHILL- Chills , etc aggravation – drinking
  • HEAT AND FEVER IN GENERAL- Partial heat – partial heat- head on- proceeding from
  • HEAT AND FEVER IN GENERAL – Concomitants –appetite – aversion- food in general
  • HEAT AND FEVER IN GENERAL – Concomitants –thirst – thirstlessness 
  • HEAT AND FEVER IN GENERAL – Concomitants – head –pain , headache
  • HEAT AND FEVER IN GENERAL – Concomitants – Stomach- Stomach –pain in general
  • HEAT AND FEVER IN GENERAL – Concomitants – nausea and vomiting- vomiting in general 
  • HEAT AND FEVER IN GENERAL- Concomitants – stool- diarrhoea 
  • HEAT AND FEVER IN GENERAL – Concomitants – cough – expectoration – without
  • HEAT AND FEVER IN GENERAL- Concomitants – sleep – sleeplessness
  • HEAT AND FEVER IN GENERAL-  Concomitants – Sensations and generalities-  exhaustion [weakness]
  • HEAT AND FEVER IN GENERAL – Concomitants –bones- bones, pains. 

Remedies obtained are Arsenic, Pulsatilla, Bryonia,  etc. 

  • Arsenic alb had been finalized and verified and administered to typhoid fever patients of sample size 30, of both sexes different age groups, from March to May 2019, at Dharmakiran Government Homoeopathic hospital Ramanthapur and follow up had been done. 
  • Simultaneously Arsenic Alb had been administered as a preventive in the month of May at Andhra Pradesh sample size of 23 persons of both sexes and different age groups in month of may 2019.  


  • 90% of cases had not suffered with reappearance of fever, after the administration of  Genus Epidemicus, and in 90 % of samples  prevention  action had been started  by appearance of subtle symptoms after giving Arsenic as preventive at that time. 


  • Homoeopathy can prevent and can also treat Epidemic diseases, by administering Genus Epidemicus, by strictly following the instructions of  our master Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. As the observations are obtained from limited number of samples in available time period. Further study should be carried taking larger sample size.


  • I therefore conclude that Hahnemannian suggestions on Genus Epidemicus are quite relevant and effective in present era. 
  • In view of new and reemerging old infectious diseases in endemic and epidemic forms, homoeopathy can be utilised  effectively by the authorities
  • The effectiveness of homoeopathic preventive medicines needs further clinical, molecular, biological models invitro studies as well. 

Dr. APARNA.B M. D Homoeo
JSPS Government Homoeopathic medical college, Hyderabad.
Under the guidance of Dr. G. SRINIVASULU, M.D Homoeo, HOD and Guide, Department of organon. 


  1. Vaughan said,typhoid germs are not harmful it is their ferment which gets into blood causing low grade infection,baptisia bryonia rhustox arnica etc will improve health of intestines and germs do not stay in clean vessel their feed is sick vessel.choice is yours kill germs by modern antibiotics they will kill your natural flora also still homeopathy will assist you take nitric acid 30c few doses or probiotic curd by Nestle.page 287 homoeorecorder 1914 prints,those who investigate how homeopathy works they are lost, any natural science will not show its hand,saint Sivananda cured in minutes feet dropsy of a preacher at Bombay just by eye rays this is on record in homeopathic literature.if at your face flies sit repeatedly there is inside disease sugar etc nature has given sense to them suck sugar from face best clinical test.

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