Essences of Calcarea carbonicum and Calcarea phosphoricum Prescription

Prof. (Dr.) Goutam Das

[Abstract: This article deals with the understanding of the Calcarea-carb. and Calcare-phos with their Essences in our Homoeopathic Practices, on the light of the teaching of Organon of Medicine & Homoeopathic Philosophy]

Keywords: Materia medica study–calcareas–prescribe symptoms-homoeopathic therapeutics

 Abbreviation: Calc = Calcarea carbonica/ostrearum, C = Calcarea, TB = Tuberculosis, H = Hahnemann, P = Psora, Syph = Syphilis, Syco = Sycosis, Tuber = Tubercular, < = aggravation, > = amelioration

 Introduction: Calcarea-carb and Calcarea-phos are valuable remedies in our homoeopathic practice, they are Hydrogenoid, Leuco-phlegmatic, Chilly, and Scrofulous patient. Psora, Syphilis, Sycosis, Tubercular all miasms are seen and predominantly right sided. [1]

Homoeopathic Therapeutic: Calcarea-ostrearum, Calcarea-phosphoric, Calcarea-fluorica, Calcarea-sulph, C-iodata, C-silicate are most commonly used in our practice and here we try to discuss only first two important medicines with their essences of prescription.

Calcarea carbonicum/ostrearum


  1. Fatty, flabby, relaxed and phlegmatic.
  2. Fearful and false perception.
  3. Wetting the pillow and catch cold easily.
  4. Craving for eggs, intolerance of milk.
  5. Miasm: Calc-carb: P ++(H) Syco ++  Tuber ++


Fatty, flabby, relaxed and phlegmatic:

Calc-ost. is a deep acting medicine, especially use for the bony nutrition. For children it is uses frequently, but in adult single dose of its high potency acts for long times. Dr. Hahnemann as mention about the use of Calc, that in the deficiency of bony nutrition, or till continues the bony nutritioncalc may be needed or may use recurrently. But, where bony nutrition becomes completed their necessary of Calc also becomes less. Till may needs in old person when we see the deficiency of calc of childhood unable to balance in old age.

Generally, Calc child is fatty, flabby; Phlegmatic or hydrogenoid constitution. Coryza of nose, otorrhoea, leucorrhoea, diarrhoea. Profuse sweating on the head wets the pillow at night.

Delay dentition, seating. Vertebral column curved due to bony weakness. Can’t hold the head. Child unable to stand-up or walk on age. Patient may lean, thin, too long in high also especial in Calc. Fontanelle till soft for long times.

Intolerance of milk, baby suffers from diarrhoea. If milk is intolerable or taking artificially then diarrhoea or phlegmatic state may not unnatural. If life force unable to digest milk, fatty deposition or water accumulation take place in the body and the patient become fatty, flabby.

No life protection-power, catch cold easily; coryza, sweating, diarrhoea are seen. Old aged are become tired, feels breathlessness from less exercise. Loss of breath from stepping the stairs. Cannot move rapidly. Delay in writing, learning, understanding, walking, weakness, delay everywhere. Due to weakness: female are menstruate profuse, too long and irregular due to slight excitement. Menstruate twice in a month; abortion, relaxation or prolapsed uterus. [2]

Fearful and false perception:
Calc is fatty, flabby and weak, weakness not only in physical, mental also. Continuous fear that – TB will develop – going to be mad; as if someone will follow behind; unable to go in dark alone. Regularly talk about murder, injury, firing, and rat. Understanding and memory are very slow, weak, unable to remember. There is another mental weakness that continuously thinking on the subject, become hurried. Blind, dogmatic belief on religious matter, continuously busy with prayer, meditation, follows every word of the religious leader and belief that are eternal. Desire to throw sputum on other’s face.

Tendency to develop TB – by the use of Calc and Tuberculinum we may protect it, but in develop case of tuberculosis they are not always beneficial due to low vitality to fight against TB. Physical body become long, thin, overdeveloped as per age or become fatty. [3]

Wetting the pillow and catch cold easily:
Everyone knows physical exercise causes sweating generally. But, the characteristic is that when calc patient is in rest in bed much sweat on head wets the pillow. Sweating all over the body; but too much on the head.   Easily catch cold also seen, because body always moist due to sweating and it’s impossible to protect himself. Calc may have lean, thin, may with constipation, but sweating on head during sleep and deficiency of bony nourishment must consider. Anaemia, marasmus.

Child having only prominent belly; hand-leg-neck become narrow and lymph-glands are enlarged. Calc female firstly suffering from profuse menses and afterwards become anaemic and suffer from menstrual complaints. [4]

Craving for eggs and intolerance of milk:
Calc desire for eggs especially, also desire sweet and salty things and extra salt with normal foods but egg is especial. Eggs can digest but milk cannot digest. Craving for indigestible things and difficultly in digestible foods. Desire to eat soil (Tuberculinum). It is common in Tubercular patient craving for indigestible things.

Bone of Calc patient not so hard/solid, Fontanelle remain soft and open for long time; delay dentition, vertebral column become curve, bend while seating; unable to play, run as other children; and olds also become breathless from slight exertion, become tired from stepping upper stairs. Hydrocephalous.

If Calc fever coming with chill, start at 2 p.m. and if not with chill then at 11 a.m. Fever one day at 11 a.m. and next day at 4 p.m.

Calc cannot digest whatever he eats – often suffer with diarrhoea. This is another identity of the weakness. Constipation is also seen. Right side mainly affected. Headache right sided, pneumonia right sided firstly appear. Those who are working on wet soil calc useful for their complaints. Constipation, stool remove mechanically (Alo., Sani., Sep., Selen., Sil.); diarrhoea – white, green, or yellow stool and offensive or sour smell.

Patient feel > by pressure on effected part (Bry., Puls.). If boil in deep muscles, and if in danger zone, chance to sepsis use of calc may absorb the pus or unable to develop the pus in such a way that there is no chance of blood poisoning.

Often calc child shows left sided crossed eyes/strabismus. Dropsy, ascetics, tumour, polypus. Leucorrhoea acrid. Itching of female gentile. Ulcer and skin disease. Tabes dorsalis. Poliomylitis (Sullphur). Calc stool very sour smell. Diarrhoea, fever, convulsion in dentition child. Renal stone –milky urine (Lyco., P-ac.).  < from cold air, both, full moon; > by pressure, motion, heat. Often palm and sole burn, sometime very chill and burning vertex.

Calc not follow sulphur after sulphur act well; after calc follow lyco. But remember in everywhere with symptoms indication. Calc and Bry having antidotal relation, before and after not indicated generally. With Bell complimentary relationship. [5]

Calcarea phosphoricum


  1. Scrofulous, Constitutional weakness, Diarrhoea.
  2. Changeable Mentality.
  3. Aggravation from cold and when thinking about own illness.
  4. Pimples on face during menses.
  5. Miasms: Calc. phos. P ++ Syco Syph ++  Tuber ++


Scrofulous, Constitutional weakness, Diarrhoea:

Cal-carb. and Cal-phos. both are use in childhood for their bony growth. When deficiency of bony tissues makes the child phlegmatic is – Cal-carb. and deficiency of bony tissues make the child scrofulous is Cal-phos. When the child suffering from delay growth of development & nutrition due to hereditary Sycosis (call Scrofulous/Rickets), child become suffer during dentition, in adulation headache, rheumatism, menstrual disorder. From childhood to old age or in scrofula there may developed the tuberculosis and Calc-phos is useful. Cal-phos. use in hereditary tuberculosis or in wasting disease also (Tuberculinum).

Delay healing of umbilical cord in new born. After delivery when breathing starts the umbilical cord to be cut, it takes 15 days to heal up. But, due to tubercular and wasting weakness bleeding, oozing continues and unable to heal in Calc-phos. baby.

Calc-phos., baby have aversion or intolerance to mother milk or may Baby have a ravenous craving for mother milk day & night and drink and suffer from diarrhoea, vomiting, distended  abdomen. Diarrhoea & flatus offensive with Tabes mesenterica.

Skull bones too soft, delay union of bones, bones remain thin; unequal development of skeleton bones; whereas only glands are swollen or indurate; body wasting and hanging skin in folds. Hydrocephalous.

Those baby are escape from such first step of symptoms at babyhood and survive, they are become suffer at dentition period. Naturally at the age of 6 months baby learn to seat and teething started. But the Calc-phos., baby unable to seat, neck bend, vertebral column become curved as brow – delay dentition; diarrhoea very offensive and convulsion without fever (sudden convulsion at dentition – Mag-phos.). Delay dentition or caries of teeth from the very onset of the teething (Kreo. Caries start from the onset.). Diarrhoea – ricket with diarrhoea – very offensive, green, with mucous, diarrhoea with sound of wind pass; stool pass forcefully.

Naturally we see children start standing after one year age and fontanelle becomes hard about two years age. But, Calc-phos., baby unable to stand after one year and frontanelle till soft on two years of age; brain also undeveloped and so delay in speaking. If the child escape this dentition stage in childhood and still survive in boyhood attacked with wasting disease. We see study-headache, when they are reading suffer from headache; loss of memory cannot remember what they read or studied.

Girls are suffer from various attack of cough and cold, from the very onset of their menarche; painful menses, profuse menses, black clotted, long time bleeding; profuse white discharges; headache; acidity and dyspepsia; eruptions of face; undeveloped breasts till started puberty. Painful coition (Sepia). Excessive craving for intercourse; relax uterus, < during stool and urine. Polypus or tumour in vagina.

Piles, fistula; fistula alternate with lungs inflammation (Berberis, Sil.). Cataract; seeing difficulties; strabismus (both eyes do not line up in the same direction) after brain inflammation. Polypus, tonsillitis, hoarseness of voice, facture of bone. Tabes mesenterica with diarrhoea.

Bleeding from nose, from rectum, from mouth. Diabetes, wasting disease. Constipation also presents, but due to constitutional weakness – diarrhoea, leucorrhoea, diabetes, headache etc. are often seen as wasting symptoms. Hoarseness with dry cough in day-night. Cough during menses. Neck emaciated (Nat-mur.). [6]

Changeable Mentality:
Mentally very depressed and changeable; never continue in one type of work or in one place very long.  Taking deep breath sighing recurrently. Craving for salt and chicken. Fear from lighting in sky. Weeping with fearful dreams. Diarrhoea from fruits, ice-cream. [7]

Aggravation from cold and when thinking about own illness:
All complaints are < by cold pain of rheumatism, tonsil; but in hoarseness feels better till not couscous about and when couscous complaints become intolerable. > by eating. In some cases abdominal pain > by eating. Rheumatism and piles > by worm of heat. Fistula alternate with lungs inflammation. Hereditary tubercular wasting disease. Boils around the anus are the indication of tuberculosis. Headache > cold water. Pain on the vertex. Headache of school going children (Nat.sulph., Psor., Tuber.). Deep breath, sighing. [8]

Pimples on face during menses:
Girls of Calc-phos. suddenly grow rapid at the age of menarche, profuse leucorrhoea, or headache, wasting or caries on vertebral column, acidity and dyspepsia with profuse flatus formation but the peculiarity is > by eating something. Pimples on face during menses. Before 2/3 days painful menses start. Black clotted bleeding. These girls are suffers whole life till her menarche. Rheumatic pain begins at the season of Autumn and decline (cure?) in Spring. Anaemia, leucomiea (Nat.mur.).

Tuberculosis of the lungs, TB of throat, T.B. of intestine, TB of vertebral column, or curvature of the vertebral column due to caries.

Actually those girls are grow thin long rapidly, cannot concentrate in studies causes headache immediately, with various menstrual complaints, pimples on face during menses, whole day-night leucorreal discharges, constipation or diarrhoea, painful piles, boils on anus, tonsillitis in slight cold, Calc-phos. is very useful there.

Convulsions during dentition period but avoid giving at the acute stage; give when there is no convulsion. After suffering from any acute disease, when health in delay Calc-phos. may needs as like Psor.

Ricket – Calc-phos. follow Sil. If symptoms are indicate. Follows after: Iod., Psor., Sani, Sulphur. Follow before: Tuber, Ars. Similar to Ruta. Mother of Calc-phos. baby often develop ricket, but constitutional treatment during pregnancy may given birth of the healthy child. [9]

Calcareas are important medicines in our homoeopathic practice having Ailments from: Grief, fright, fracture, malnutrition, snake poison, delayed labour, wear and tear, work in water, disappointed love, imperfect ossification, suppression of eruption, over lifting or straining, exposure to cold moist wind. Calcareas has Sphere of action on: Bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, ducts-tubes, blood and blood vessels, nerve cells and its axons, pleura, peritoneum, connective tissue, synovial membrane, endocrine glands etc. Calcareas has Therapeutic value like: Obesity, oedema, malnutrition, imperfect ossification, fractures, osteoporosis, anxiety, broncho-spasm, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, constipation, depression, renal stone, gall bladder and salivary stone, delayed labour etc.


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Prof. (Dr.) Goutam Das M.D. (Homoeopathy)
Dept. of Organon of Medicine,
NHMCH, Visnagar, Mehsana (Gujarat)


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