Evidence based homeopathy through statistical analysis using VC

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Statistical analysis of numerous cases provides significant evidence for homeopathic practice.

Many symptom-remedy relations have been studied and we have derived the corresponding likelihood ratios and confidence intervals. Further on, they have studied common symptoms alone and in combinations, that were effectively cured after a prescription and on the other hand, symptoms that were not cured.

In this way it is possible to distinguish symptoms, whose presence was related with a positive outcome after a prescription. In the latter case we also examine the repertory in order to make adjustments or select more appropriate remedies. In this way we progress confirming the repertory. Pathologies like depression,
migraines, constipation and others have been analysed.

Additionally they have examined many quality checks for case taking and underlining, which affect suggested remedies results with respect to treatment effectiveness.

Some indicative fields of our analyses include:

  • Symptom-remedy relations and likelihood ratios.
  • Combination of symptom-remedy relationsand likelihood ratios.
  • Analysis of common pathologies – Presence/ absenceof specific symptoms.
  • Analysis of the presence of specific remedy symptomsin successful prescriptions.
  • Quality checks for case symptoms underliningdistribution and suggested remedies results.
  • Mapping rubric use in different repertory areas.
  • The relative effectiveness of prescriptions derivedfrom symptoms provided by the users compared to symptoms proposed by VC in the Differential Analysis and Specific Remedy Analysis tools (Differential Expert System-DES). The effect of positive answering bias and the bias to add more symptoms in a case by inexperienced homeopaths are demonstrated.
  • The Information Theory approach to the Homeopathicconsultation process – noise, biases practicalimplications of conflicting data.

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