First International Homeopathy Short Story Contest

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$6000 worth of prizes to be won!

In association with Complete Dynamics

I was watching an old motion picture about a possessive mother who keeps her grown son at home and away from women, by feigning a heart condition. One day he calls in a doctor to examine her. The doctor tells the son that the mother is in perfect health. The son confronts his mother: “The doctor said there is nothing wrong with you!” The mother replies “That homeopath!”

In all my years, that was the first reference to homeopathy I ever saw in a movie. In fact, I couldn’t think of any references to homeopathy in any fiction I had read. Every subject seems to have been explored in fiction, except homeopathy. There are stories about allopathic doctors, cowboys, fireman, lumberjacks, farmers, mathematicians, dancers – you name it, but nothing about homeopathy.

There are still millions of people for whom homeopathy is just a curious word that doesn’t evoke any particular images. The surest way to introduce a subject to any culture is through its fiction. Therefore, Hpathy is holding a contest to develop fictional stories about homeopathy. They could be about romance, adventure, crime, mysteries, etc. The winning stories will be published in this journal, and the writers will receive fabulous prizes in addition to our praise!

So, fellow homeopathy enthusiasts, here’s your chance to make history! Dust off that typewriter and create a new genre!
Alan Schmukler
Chief Editor,
Homeopathy 4 Everyone

The story could be about romance, adventure, drama, science fiction, or a thriller, fantasy, horror or mystery, but must involve classical homeopathy or have a main character who is a classical homeopath. It can be set in any time period from the past to the future. The length should be between 2000 to 10,000 words.

The story should be written in English, typed in double-space and justified aligned in font size 12.

All documents should be submitted by email in Word format to  with the subject “Fiction Contest”. A person can submit more than one story, but only one story from one person will be considered for prizes.

The story should include a bio of the author, contact details and a photo if possible.

The winning entries will be published at and in a book published by There is no financial remuneration/compensation offered if your story is selected for publication. The authors will retain the copyrights for their work and will be free to publish it elsewhere too.

Entries should be received no later than 15th March 2013.

Results will be announced on 10th April 2013.

Amazing Prizes!!

Worth $6000 !!!!

1st Prize (One): Lifetime license of Complete Dynamics. Worth $2000!

2nd Prize (One): Ipad license of Complete Dynamics (ipad not included) plus Five-year license of Complete Dynamics PC version. Worth $700approx.

3rd Prize (Four): Five-year license of Complete Dynamics. Each worth $465 approx.

Runners up (Ten): One-year license of Complete Dynamics. Each worth $150 approx.

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