Free Webinar on How to Write a Clinical Trial in Homeopathy

webinar When it comes to Clinical Research in Homeopathy, we hesitate to step ahead. In most of the cases, this hitch may be due to lack of a sound clinical trial protocol.

The upcoming free webinar on How to Write A Clinical Trial in Homeopathy aims at addressing common issues related to clinical trial formulation especially with respect to Homeopathy. This webinar is useful for clinicians and budding researchers who believe in practicing evidence-based homeopathy.

The details of the event may be seen at

Come and join the Free Webinar on 
Wednesday, Nov 09, 2016
06:00 PM – 08:00 PM GMT Daylight Time (London, UK)
For time in different Zones, you may refer to

Author Profile: Dr. Saurav Arora is an internationally acclaimed homeopathic physician, consultant, and researcher. Dr. Arora is the Editor-in-chief of International Journal of High Dilution Research and Founder of Initiative to Promote Research in Homeopathy. Dr. Arora currently practices in New Delhi where he provides scientific homeopathic consultation. For complete profile, you may visit

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