Give the rubric for the following clinical conditions or doctor patient situations

Give the rubric for the following clinical conditions or doctor patient situations

Version 2 (updated on Jan 2020)

Mansoor Ali KR
Professor, Govt Homoeopathy Medial College. Calicut

Many practitioners and students find it difficult to interpret symptoms and conditions to refer in the repertory and to arrive at the similimum. Because, many of the rubric are ambiguous, implicit and need a continues study. Majority of the rubrics found in the mind and other chapters are neglected by the common practitioners for want of correct understanding and interpretation of the rubrics. So this is an effort to help the students and practitioners to convert clinical conditions, life situation or doctor patient situation in to appropriate rubrics. 

Record your reasoning before checking the answers.

This work is based on Repertory of Kent, Synthesis, Murphy & Complete repertory

He shut himself from all other points of view. He is a blind follower, lack of flexibility prevent him from clarifying his own thoughts and ideas

Dog is not taking food when owners absent
Stomach – appetite wanting owner absent when. Anorexia nervosa- owner absent when

Ovarian cyst or Migraine in a lady with history of torture in Husband’s house
Indignation a/f (Ailments from suppressed anger & grief)

Fed up with all modalities of treatment. Now stopped everything

Patient worried about waiting for his turn, repeatedly asking about his number

Start narrating complaint spontaneously

Carefully combed, neatly dressed

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Version 2-Convert clinical situations in to rubrics

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