Role of Homeopathy in Air Pollution Related Diseases

Dr Saurav Arora
Dr Bharti Arora 

Air Pollution: Its Effects on Health & Role of Homeopathy in Air Pollution Related Diseases 

Homeopathic medicines stimulate body’s inner strength and boost the immune system to work well i.e. to reduce the disease load and to improve the overall health.

The constitutional or individualized homeopathy is known to reduce to tendency to catch respiratory illnesses.

The prescription is dependent upon symptoms, signs, tendencies, history and causation.

The treatment can be curative, palliative or supportive depending upon state and staging of disease.

In every stage homeopathy has a definitive role to play.

Homeopathic medicines can be taken safely along with other/conventional
medications (ADD-ON Therapy).

In addition to constitutional/individualized medicines, the medicines  are frequently used on the basis of causation and symptom similarity:

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