Homeopathy effective in mouth & foot disease of cattle in Kerala

cattleHomoeopathy drugs to check cattle deaths in Kerala

Veterinary Council and Homoeopaths of Kerala have proposed cheaper alternatives for preventing and curing Foot and Mouth diseases of cattle.

Homoeopaths of Kerala and Veterinarians in the state  have come together to appeal to the Government to allow homoeopathic drugs to be sold across the counter and Veterinarians  to provide cheaper alternative to allopathic treatment for them.

There are numerous cases of vets treating animals with homoeopathy and getting splendid results. But it has to get legal sanctity for it to be used on wide basis – says officials.

The biggest problem with Allopathy is that the treatment will cost more than the animal does…say Dr Ravi M Nair former advisor to Govt. of India.

Homoeopathy on the other hand provide cheaper alternatives with zero side effects.

Veterinary  council and state action council of Homoeopathy decade movement proposed cheaper alternative to preventing Mouth and Foot diseases in cattle.

Veterinary Council plans to hold induction courses in homoeopathy for vets supported by Homoeopathy practitioners.

Source : Decan Heral Dec 26,2013


  1. My cows, affected in the last week of Nov 2018 were treated with Allopathy medicines. Slowly started recovering. Milk yield reduced 20 25%. Then the Govt scheme of preventive injections started. Subsequently all of them started appear very tired, not eating hay, produce very less milk and two of the had abortions (in the 5th month and 6th month of pregnancy respectively).There are no blisters in mouth or foot. I am totally dissatisfied with allopathy treatment for FMD. Please suggest homoeo remedy if any.

  2. We offer the best Homoeopathic Veterinary Medicine for Foot & Mouth Disease well known in North India not only for treatment of FMD but also for Prevention of FMD through ready to use Homoeopathic Combination. The Product name is FOOMASULE No. 1 (For prevention of FMD) and FOOMASULE No. 2 (For treatment of FMD) Easy to give and Effective proven remedy.
    FOOMASULE No. 1 (Prevention) Indication : create resistance with in 72 hours against all strains of FMD. Dosage: 1 Bolus of 7gms in Morning & 1 Bolus in evening for 4 days.
    FOOMASULE No. 2 (Treatment) Indication : cures Mouth & Foot lesions in 24 hours and animal starts grazzing with in 48 hours. Dosage : 1 Bolus of 7gms in Morning & 1 Bolus in evening for 4 days.
    or as per the Veterinarian.
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  3. yes, HOMOEOPATHY is medicine for all living creatures….

    genus epidemicus for foot-and-mouth disease in cows..

    Merc sol 30–curative remedy for affected animals.

    Rhus tox 30 — remedy for prevention to normal animals.

    now a days many animals suffering from foot-and-mouth disease

    Foot-and-Mouth Disease is a severe, highly communicable disease in animals. It is caused by one of the smallest disease producing viruses known.

    Humans do not catch the virus. The disease is characterized by blister-like lesions on the tongue, nose and lips, in the mouth, on the teats and between the toes which then burst, leaving painful ulcers. The blisters cause a heavy flow of sticky, foamy saliva that hangs from the mouth. Infected animals sway from one foot to the other due to the tenderness of the feet. Although older cattle usually do not die from the infection, they suffer a severe illness which leaves them in a weakened state. They have high fevers, stop eating, give less milk and become lame.

    more in Tamil at


    as external application (calendula mother tincture) 1:10 water dilution is highly useful one…

    for cleaning (Echinacea mother tincture ) 1:20 water dilution is highly useful one…


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