Homeopathy in hypoplastic uterus

Dr Kavita Chandak

A 17 years girl visited me with her mother at 13th April 2019 with the complaint of delayed, scanty and painful menses. Her mother said- She is calm and lazy. Previously she was better in studies but for two years, she avoids studying. She just lies down and watches her mobile, even not going out with her close friends. Talks during sleep.

The girl angrily said I feel drained out. Do not get the instinct from inside to go or even talk with my close friend. I like to rest always. My brain is so tired. I feel exhausted if I do any mental work, especially studies. When I try to concentrate and study, I constantly feel that I am not able to retain data in my brain, after a while I will forget it, then what is the use of studying? Two years back, I suffered from a fever. It was not malaria as I did not suffer from rigours but it lasted for 15 days. I was at my Granny’s village. They did not have any laboratory test facility there. However, the local doctor said, it was probably typhoid. When I came back, I observed, my mind is not active as it used to be. I am getting tired easily. Any work, where I need to concentrate mind, it’s difficult for me. I avoid that.

I inquired about the current complaint.

She said, my menses are painful and not regular. Though they appear after many months, still flow is not adequate. I have severe hair fall. Strange to share, my pubic hair is so delicate, when I dry the skin after bath, I see a lot of hairs in the towel. Is it normal for every one doctor? My genital region is always wet with sweat even in cold weather making me awkward in public places.

Her mother added that she talks during sleep. It is casual talk, nothing specific.

She had two old ultrasound reports.

She took the treatment from 2015-2017 for the same. Left the treatment as did not get results. When met me in 2019, she was not on any medication. I suggested an ultrasound. Her mother said every doctor made us do a lot of tests and could not provide results. We will try homeopathy for 3-4 months as have not experienced it before. If we get some positive changes, then we will do the tests.

(Being Homeopath, we need to understand the pain behind the patient’s statement. In such scenario, I prefer to go with flow.)

 Analysis and evaluation- During the interview, I observed that I am talking a girl who has menstrual irregularities, prostration of body and mind, ailments from long fever, hair fall and uterine atrophy.

The final considered rubrics were,

  • MIND – COMPANY – aversion to – friends, of intimate
  • MIND – ANXIETY – studying, while
  • MIND – PROSTRATION of mind – fever – after, prolonged
  • MIND – TALKING – sleep, in
  • FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX – COMPLAINTS of female genitalia
  • GENERALS – ATROPHY – Single parts

Selenium, sepia, Alumina, Thuja, Aurum met, Senecio aureus came up.

I was confused between selenium and Senecio aureus.

Selenium–  It has marked action on the genito-urinary organs and is quite a favourite remedy with homoeopaths for the ills and abuses of the sexual system. The most characteristic feature of this remedy is debility. Patient seems to be in an eternal state of prostration. Tremendous laziness. It is not a case of simple bodily exhaustion but a pronounced instance of mental incapacity.2

Senecio aureus– Its chief action is centred over the urinary and sexual organs, both male and female.

Quite an important sequence is noticed between the non-appearance of menstruation and a host of other ailments.

This seems to be the pivotal point around which everything else in this remedy hangs. As soon as menses appear, everything else seems to clear off. Sore-throat, headache, leucorrhoea, bronchitis, hoarseness, cough, and dyspnoea show decided improvement as soon as menstruation commences. Intense backache accompanies amenorrhoea.2

The follow-up report showed bilateral polycystic ovaries as expected. Uterus size improved.

Later on, we continued the treatment for PCOD.

Here I just want to throw light on the hypoplastic uterus which is a congenital issue and usually needs surgical intervention.3

I always considered Selenium as a male remedy. In this case, we witnessed the homoeopathic contribution in the congenital anomaly. Perfect case taking and remedy selection leads us towards success, for that our mind must be unprejudiced!


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Dr. Kavita Chandak

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  1. Hello, I am 34 years old and I am suffering from Uterine Hypoplasia. Can I get a cure for my condition. Earlier I don’t know why I didnt have my periods like any other girls. After multiple ultrasound I, recently,came to know that I have Uterine Hypoplasia. Please help.

  2. What remedy can I give to my daughter of 14 years suffering from HYPOPLASTIC UTERUS as she doesn’t want surgery? Please how can I help her out with Homeopathic remedy. FROM NIGERIA

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