Homoeopathic Gems for the management of Alopecia

Homoeopathic Gems for the management of Alopecia

Dr Smrity Bhatia
Alopecia: It is a condition characterized by rapid and complete loss of hair in one,or more often, several round or oval patches. Usually on the scalp, beard area and other hairy areas of the body1.

There are different approaches of managing the cases of alopecia depending upon the presentations. Likewise, there are different repertories and therapeutic books which are very popular and helpful in dealing with Alopecia. But some of the clinical books, which are quick and time saving having significant effectiveness areabonden now a days; of those, important and useful booksare given below  which can be dealt withimportant symptoms with medicines on the basis of location and causationin management of cases of Alopecia-

Samuel Lilienthal’s “Homoeopathic therapeutics”2 :

Falling out of the hairalum, ambr, ars, baryta carb, bell, bov, calc carb, carb an, carbo veg, caust , chin, colchi, conium, ferr, fluor ac , graphi , hep ign, iod, kali bich, kali carb , kali iod, kreos, lyc, magn, merc, natrum carb., natrum mur , nitr acid. , paris quard , petr, phos ac , phos , plum , sars , sepia, sele, sil , staph , sulph  acid , tab, thuja, zincum. 

After severe acute diseasechin, ferr, calc, carb veg, hep, lyc, sil.

After confinementcalc, lyco, nat m., sulph

If caused by long griefPh.acid, sulph, staph,ign, lach

If by nervous or hysteric headachecalc, hep. sulph., nit.acid.,phos, sep, sil,sulph. 

If caused by frequent sweatmerc

From syphilisthuja

As regards the condition of the scalp and hair give for sensitiveness of the scalpcalc, baryta carb, carbo veg, china, hep, nat mur., sil, sulph.

For violent itching of scalp, especially if in consequences of old suppressed eruptions, givegraph, kal , lyco. sil, sulph.

For scales on the headcalc, graph, magn, staph.

For the disposition of the hair to turn gray, givegraph, lyc, phos ac., sulph ac.

For great dryness of the haircalc, kalm, phosp ac.

When the hair is frequently covered with viscid sweatchin, merc

For falling off the hair on other parts of the body are – 

  • In the eyebrowsAgar, bell, caust, kal.
  • When the hair falls off on the sides of the headGraph, Phosp
  • On the forheadarsen, natr m, phosp
  • On the vertexbaryta c., graph, lyc,sep, zinc ,
  • On the occiputcarb veg, petrol, phos,sil
  • On the templescalc, kali carb, lyc, natr mur.

For some places getting bald- cantharis,iod,phosp.

Externallyspirtusphosphoria few drops to a pint of distilled water, and after shaking, moisten well the scalp with it. Or dissolves a teaspoonful of table salt in a pint of water and rub it well over bald spaces 

Falling off of whiskerscalc, graphites, natrum mur.

Of mustacheskali, natrum mur. , plumbum met.

Of mons venerishell, natrum carb natr mur, rhus tox., sil.

John R. Kippax “Handbook of Diseases of the skin and their Homoeopathic treatment”.3

M.E. Douglas “Skin diseases,their description, etiology, diagnosis and treatment according to law of similia”.4

Most indicated Remedies in alopecia generally are3,4

  • When the hair comes out in lumps, leaving bald patchesAloes
  • When it falls out in circular patches–Arsenic.alb.
  •  When bald spots on the temples – Calcarea carb.
  • Bald spot on the head, after headache – Calcium sulphide
  • Falling off of hair after severe illness, or after parturition- Carbo veg.
  • Falling off of hair hair from eyebrows and pudendum- Heliborus
  • Dry hair rapidly falling off with much dandruff- Kali carb.
  • Falling off of the hair after severe acute diseases – Mancinella
  • Falling out in tufts – Phosphorus
  • Alopecia as a result of debility- Phosphoric acid
  • The hair falls out in single spots and hair grows there – Vinca minor  


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  1. dr ravi singh of lucknow is using hair as transmission antena for telepathic homeo cure,developed by b sahni.particular area earth water contents esp iodine create hormonal imbalance effect hair quality and color,karela hairs are black even in old age.on national basis for each area data base of earth elements should be prepared then homeopathy can play better part in improving health standarad.

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