Homoeopathy associations urge Ayush ministry to disallow homoeopaths in Maharashtra to practise allopathy

medicinesHomoeopathic professionals from across the country have wanted the Union ministry of Ayush to intervene in the problems of the practitioners in the state of Maharashtra following the state government order permitting registered homoeopaths to practice allopathy in rural areas.

The Maharashtra government in last year allowed qualified homoeopathic doctors to practice modern medicine in the villages due to shortage of doctors in the area. The permission was on a condition that they should pass a one-year course in pharmacology conducted by the state medical education board.  During BHMS course, the students do not study pharmacology which explains the chemical reactions of drugs and their prescriptions.

Against this decision of the state government, the Maharashtra chapter of the Indian Medical Association approached the court arguing that those who have completed MBBS and registered with the state medical council are only eligible to practice modern medicine.

This permission of the state government to practice allopathy by homoeopaths has made differences of opinion and disagreements among the homoeopathy community in the state as a section of them have welcomed the government decision, but several of them not supporting it by contending that it will lower the dignity of the system. According to them study one system and practice another system is unethical. If homoeopaths practice allopathy, the medical profession of homoeopathy will gradually become less popular and it will lose its charm.

Dr Arun Bhasme, vice president of the Central Council of Homoeopathy, while speaking in a session, highlighted the problems of the homoeopathy doctors in Maharashtra.

Sharing the views of the professional bodies with Pharmabiz, Dr Sreevalsan Menon, the state president of Kerala Homoeopathic Practitioners Association, the state branch of IHMA, said all the national homoeopathic professional bodies want that the homoeopaths should practice their system only and should not follow ‘crosspathy’. He said IHMA will request the Ayush minister to sort out and solve the issues in Maharashtra in consultation with the state government.



  1. Government esp the Ayush ministery would do more harm than Good by allowing Homoeopaths give allopathic medicine. The Mission of the Homoeopath is to cure, if govt lacks hands let them make all Allopathic compoders RMP — Doctors
    they would do better job and even Bless the Government

    • Dear sir may be you are unaware of the fact that in rural area all the people do not believe in homoeopathy.So please let the homoeopaths do allopathy otherwise do something by your side to get jobs for BHMS in every PHC RH….

        • Money, fame,publicity etc will follow automatically once you achieve your “Mission” of curing the patients. If you concentrate on money,fame etc your focus of attention of curing the patient is diverted and you achieve neither money nor fame, worse ,you will also not be able to cure the patients – So friend study Homoeopathy seriously – its the toughest system of medicine.

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