Tips of Materia Medica with Comparison

tipsTips of Materia Medica with Comparison

Prof.(Dr) Samarendra Prasad Mishra, M.D.(Hom),
Ex-Professor, Dept. of Materia Medica,
Maharana Pratap Homoeopathic Medical College, Raipur, Chattisgarh.
ISBN =978-93-80206-46-2 

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Edition-First 2015.
Materia Medica is the backbone of Homoeopathy. Its usefulness is undoubtly questioned in practice & all competitive examinations of Homoeopathy. An addition to Materia Medica knowledge is always welcome & beneficial.

The book on Materia Medica-“TIPS OF MATERIA MEDICA WITH COMPARISONS FOR COMPETITIVE/VIVA VOCE EXAMINATIONS & FOR CLINICAL PRACTICE IN HOMOEOPATHY” written by  Prof.(Dr) Samarendra Prasad Mishra, M.D.(Hom), is a humble attempt to simplify the burdens of Materia Medica from students to practitioners of Homoeopathy.

This book is mainly based on two important text & common used books of Materia Medica like-ALLEN’S KEY NOTES & BOERICKE’S MATERIA MEDICA. The common problems faced by the students/doctors are for memorizing the vast Materia Medica symptoms. Here the author has simplify this problem by comparing the important symptoms with their similarity or/& opposite ways to the drugs. This is no doubt a simple & easier way to remember the Materia Medica for a longer period in the shortest possible of time & labour. This pattern is followed throughout this book.

         Take an example from this book-

Sl. no -214. Cough, < after midnight – Drosera.

  • : Cough, < before midnight – Spongia.
  • : Cough, < before midnight or towards morning –   Hepar sulph.
  • : Cough, < night & lying on – Hyoscyamus & Conium.
  • : Cough, > at night & lying on – Arg. met.
  • : Cough, < lying down on left side – Phos.,Drosera & Stannum met .
  • : Cough, < lying on right side – Mercurius.
  • : Cough, < day time – Euphrasia,Ferrum met., Nat. mur. & Stannum.

There are also comparisons in common names of the drugs at different places of this book.Example-

Sl. no -322. Poke root is the common name of –Phytolacca.

  • Pink root is the common name of – Spigelia.
  • Blood root is the common name of – Sang. can.
  • Stone root is the common name of – Collinsonia can.
  • Soap root is the common name of –Saponaria.
  • Snake root is the common name of –Aristolochia.

So, there is no doubt, this book will be helpful to the students as a study material of Materia Medica for various competitive examinations of Homoeopathy like- UPSC,PSCs, P.G. entrance examinations, Viva voce examinations etc. This book can also reduce over burdens of busy practitioners for finding out the similimum in shortest possible of time.

In the second part of this book, tips of some rare drugs are given with their sources, preparations & Therapeutic applicability .This is definitely a good attempt of addition to Materia Medica knowledge.

In this book, the printing is clear, mistakes rare, papers good in quality, cover page attractive. But the pages are not enough, which need to be enlarged in future to accommodate more comparisons of Materia Medica. The publishers are reputed, so it is expected that, this book can easily be available all over India in all leading medical book shops.

Reviewed by-Dr. Debasish Das, B.H.M.S.
Bhubaneswar, Odisha,

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