Homoeopathy in chronic non healing ulcers – case report

Dr Ambareesh

Objective: – to understand the scope of homoeopathic treatment in chronic non-healing ulcers.

Ulcers which show no tendency to heal after 3 or more than 3 months, 85% of all chronic lower limb ulcers are due to venous origin.



  • ulcer
  • location- gaiter area
  • edge- sloping
  • floor- yellow/black slough and exudate
  • itching
  • pain
  • haemosiderosis
  • offensive discharge

These ulcers affects quality of life of a patient to a greater extent.homoeopathic system has great scope in treating various kind of ulcers effectively which lessens the sufferings of the patient and improves the quality of life.


  • Name: – ms xyz
  • Age: – 42 years
  • Sex: – male
  • Religion: – hindu
  • Education: – ba.
  • Occupation: – carpenter
  • Marital status: – married
  • Residence: – bengaluru.
  • Opd number: – 33421
  • Date of case taking: – 15/02/2022

CHIEF COMPLAINTS: –   Patient presented with complaint of non-healing wound on left leg since 3 years

History of presenting complaints: – Patient was apparently healthy 3years back, patient initially started with the complaint of severe itching and discoloration on the dorsal aspect of the left leg and due to continuous scratching, there was a small wound later the wound started with pustular discharge and burning along with this patient was also experiencing pain in calf muscles of the left leg. The wound gradually started increasing in size with offensive discharge from it for which the patient took allopathic medication on advice of an allopathic physician. But the wound persisted and thus the patient discontinued the medication and approached Homoeopathic treatment. He was on Homoeopathic medication for 2 years, few symptoms like itching and burning were reduced but other symptoms persisted. Presently patient presented with complaints of wound with offensive pustular discharge with gnawing and burning pain which was aggravated on walking, touch of cloths and night which was also associated with pain in the left calf muscles.

There is no history of varicose veins, trauma, bleeding, fever, claudication pain ,DM and HTN.

DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION-  In this case Medorrhinum 1m was prescribed as a constitutional remedy and carbolic acid is given as a specific remedy which was indicated to this case. Venous ulcers are one of the common debilitating condition of the current era which affects quality of life of affected individual thus impairing his day to day activities and also affecting his cosmetic appearance, Though it may not cause mortality, but increases the suffering of the patient from months to years.

This case gives evidence that how homoeopathic treatment can enhance the process of healing in a chronic non healing venous ulcers.

Dr Ambareesh
PG Scholar Department Of Materia Medica
GHMC Bengaluru

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