Homoeopathy in eczema – a case report

Dr Aman Mohajer

Eczema is a type of dermatitis, that presents with dry, itchy and red skin. The patient who presented with these symptoms was a 23-year-old female, who had had these complaints on her hands for the past six years. She was given Sulphur 30 (water dose), two times a day, for one week, and then asked to wait for another week after which she would report. The prescription was made based on her constitutional picture, on the totality of her symptoms.

Keywords : Eczema, Dermatitis, Homoeopathy, Sulphur.

Hand eczema is a very common, chronic skin disorder in which both exogenous and endogenous factors play important roles. It may be associated with other cutaneous disorders such as AD, and contact with various agents may be involved. Hand eczema represents a large proportion of cases of occupation-associated skin disease. Chronic, excessive exposure to water and detergents, harsh chemicals, or allergens may initiate or aggravate this disorder. It may present with dryness and cracking of the skin of the hands as well as with variable amounts of erythema and edema. Often, the dermatitis will begin under rings, where water and irritants are trapped.1

While treating eczema homoeopathically, an individualized approach is most appropriate. Often one can start off the case with a constitutional remedy, and sometimes will need an the trusty assistance of a well indicated local remedy such as Anagalis, Juglans-r., Juglans-c., Graph., Mez., Rhus-v., Petr., Croton-tig., Viol-t., Olean., Clematis., Cicuta, Dulc., Skook., Kali-s., Fago., etc.

Case report
A 23-year-old female complained of eczematous eruptions on her hands, which were dry, itchy and had burning pain. She said that the complaints were mostly aggravated when they came into contact with soap water or detergent.

History of present complaint:

The patient stated that her complaints started 6 years ago, in one finger (right ring finger), from where it spread to the rest of her right hand. For the past three years, the eruptions have been present on both her hands. Her eruptions were at their peak when she came for treatment.


Analysis and evaluation of symptoms

Mental general: Patient was cheerful

Physical general:

  1. Appetite- Normal
  2. Thirst- Increased thirst for warm water
  3. Sleep- Sound
  4. Perspiration- Normal
  5. Desire- Sweet, warm drinks
  6. Aversion- Nothing specific
  7. Thermals- Hot
  8. Female Symptoms – Nothing Specific


  1. Eczema of hands
  2. Itching in hands
  3. Burning pain in hands
  4. Heat in palms and soles

Totality of symptoms:

  1. Eczema of hands
  2. Burning and itching in hands
  3. Desire- Sweet, Warm drinks
  4. Hot
  5. Burning in palms and soles

Prescription: Sulphur 30

Selection of medicine and potency: After repertorization, Sulphur was selected based on the totality of symptoms. Water dose of the medicine was given, twice daily for one week, after which the patient was asked to wait for another week before reporting.

Conclusion: The above case shows the efficacy of homoeopathy in treatment of chronic diseases of the skin, such as eczema. To state the obvious, there is no panacea in homoeopathy. While Sulphur will most likely work in patients who give symptomatic indications for the remedy, it may fail to do so in others. In the final analysis, it must be the totality of symptoms must guide us in the process of finding the most indicated similimum.



  1. Leslie P. Lawley, Justin T. Cheeley, Robert A. Swerlick, Eczema, Psoriasis, Cutaneous Infections, Acne, and Other Common Skin Disorders, Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 21’st Edition.

Dr Aman Mohajer
PG Scholar, Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Shri Guru Nanak Dev Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana

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