Hompath Classic 8.0 – A Brief Out line

Hompath Classic version 8.0 is the latest offering from Hompath, India’s no. 1 Software for Homoeopaths. The software is an Intelligent Assistant to the Homoeopath to analyse his cases and arrive at the correct medicine and in getting faster results.

The Premium Collection combines the marvels of technology and the sublime science of Homoeopathy to enable a Practitioner to harness the exhaustive knowledge of data of Homoeopathic Books, Repertories, Journals, Cases, Research Papers etc.

Hompath Classic ver 8.0 – The Premium Collection comes in a set of 6 CDs and 11 modules with over 300 select Homoeopathic Books and Repertories and more than 5000 articles from leading Indian and International Homoeopathic publications. The Premium benefits offered to the Practitioner are –

1. Reduction of Prescription time
2. Getting better results
3. Confirming the symptoms of the patient and the remedies from the provings.
4. Creating own repertories and lectures.Store patient data and analyse their cases
5. Organising their practice.

A brief outline of the modules are mentioned below
1. Classic – The complete Repertorisation module –
Classic is a fast and efficient repertorisation module with 29 repertories.

The unique features of Classic include :
Quik Repertorisation – the on-line repertorisation, where you enter the symptoms the way patient narrates them, and get the repertorisation table instantly.
– Fast, intelligent and powerful searches through the entire database.
– Large number smart, intelligent and practical Repertorization strategies and Expert analysis
– Remedy analysis

2. Archives – The Practitioners Personal chest of knowledge
The Archives modules has a collection of over 270 books on various subjects like Materia Medica, Philosophy, Therapeutics, Regional Therapeutics, Clinical, Drug Pictures and Pharmacy.

3. Utilities – The academic module making learning a pleasure
The Utilities module has features, which make learning a pleasurable experience for Practitioners and students alike.

4. Patient Management
– The efficient Patient manager
The Patient Management module stores the entire database of patients like Case Record, Diagnosis History, Prescriptions, and Follow-ups. One can also print Patient Instructions of over 200 common diseases apart from customized Patient Record printing.

5. Case Analysis – The complete Analysis module
The Complete Analysis module where one can get Analysis of Follow-up, Diagnosis, Statistical analysis of one’s cases including Graphical views.

6. Links Tresorie
– A Collectors module
Links Tresorie is a compilation of articles from ‘International Homoeopathic Links’ (an International Publication from Holland) from the year 1987 to 2000. This is a Collectors Item, with articles written by internationally acclaimed Researchers and Practitioners.

7. Tresorie
– A unique compilation of articles.
The Tresorie module has a compilation of over 4000 articles base on practical, clinical and homoeopathic experiences of many generations of Homoeopaths as published in various journals.

8. Materia Medica Elite
An elite compilation of remedies with their complete details provided.

9. Materia Medica Live
– A work of Science with a Touch of Art.
The World’s first Homoeopathic Multimedia CD where the remedies come alive in front of the Practitioner.

10. Hompath Assist – Keeps a track of the Practitioners Schedule
The Hompath Assist is a personal organizer. It has a Scheduler where one can fix appointments and schedules. There is also an address book where to store Personal and Professional Contacts, the ‘Bills n More’ to keep track of accounts and print patient’s bills and certificates.

For more details : www.hompath.com


  1. Hi,I have paid version hompath 8.0.
    With old usb like printer,but in those days usb use for laptop.can your company provide me usb

  2. sir i the above named dr barki have purchased homoeopath classic 8th version in 2005 now just i want to confirm whether new version have upgraded since than

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