How to write & evaluate a thesis or dissertation–useful links


An interesting website download the software for thesis writing and research activity.

Assignment Calculator is a good resource.

Thesis and dissertation writing in a second language – a handbook for supervisors. 

Research in Medicine | Planning a project – writing a thesis. 

The student’s guide to preparing dissertations and theses. 

Guide to the successful thesis and dissertation – A handbook for students and faculty.

Try this too :

McGill Univ:

Chandrasekhar, UWA:

Troy Univ:

Faculty of Medical Sciences, Delhi Univ (Art. 17):


This is a good presentation for format of the thesis such as titles, font size, spacing, references, etc., although it does not say much about format of the tables where many PGs need guidance. Some of you may find the following a more complete guide for theses and papers:

Please see:

Thesis for postgraduate Homeopathy Scholars

Topics for Thesis/Research in Homoeopathy

Basics of writing a Homoeopathic Thesis

Science and art of writing a Synopsis for dissertation

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