How to start & review a journal club & articles–useful links

Dear friends,
If you have any useful links please forward to us

One can create free E-portfolios online and for academics one good site is

To incorporate reflections one may have to use blogs :

Dr. Chinmay for the information on Online Nursing Journal Club  being organized at St. Joseph’s Healthcare System

Some advice and tools:

A scholarly publication:

An example at Nature Network:

A dedicated web site:

A practising example for nursing education:

A commercial site:

A feature of a scholarly publication:
Obviously there are various others too which I’m not mentioning here to avoid cluttering.

A blog:

How to Review a Journal Article :

Critical Reviews of Journal Articles :

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  1. sir, i have 9 yrs exp , practitioner bhms with mba would like to present articles , any idea to become a part time writer in any site and more over i could not catch theme of this present articles and useful links. any tips if any kindly reply thanking u.

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