Hpathy.com-Homoeopathy for everyone- Website review

Dr Jayadeep BP BHMS ,MD(Hom)

Hpathy.com is one among the best and  leading websites on Homoeopathy. The Hpathy team consider themselves as the world’s No.1 Homeopathy Portal & tries to prove so by providing free, professional content and services for the homeopathic community.

Every month Hpathy.com shares it’s world of Homeopathy with more than 550,00 people and serves millions of homeopathic pages each year. .

Developed on an ‘OPEN’ platform ie, development of the portal is not ‘closed’ for its users. The users themselves can participate in its further development by joining the Hpathy Team and suggest changes, develop the new content and services with team, or can edit the existing information and applications. The basic idea behind this portal is that that the more people contributing to its development, the greater will be its benefit to all.

By considering as an open International project,  they keeps a motto of  ‘for the people, of the people, by the people‘  and a  mission of  ‘Homeopathy 4 Everyone

The free monthly e-Journal ‘Homeopathy 4 Everyone‘, published by Hpathy.com is now read by more than 55,000+ people every month, from every corner of this earth.

All related domains like hpathy.org, hpathy.net, hpathy.in, hpathy.de, hpathy.eu etc. are part of this website.

Designed, launched & owned by – Dr. Manish Bhatia, of Jaipur, India. fondly known as Dr. B!

The Directors – Dr. Manish Bhatia & Dr. Manisha Bhatia

The Editors & Moderators – majority of them are foreign authors who are well known in this respective field
To contact – editor@hpathy.com


  • Engage – your self
  • Patients
  • Professionals
  • Services
  • Students


  • Its been considered to entertain the viewers by including
  • Audio content of various lectures & interviews
  • Video content – lectures & interviews
  • Cartoons – Homoeopathy, health & medicine
  • Cross words – with Homoeopathic materia medica & related other topics
  • Case quizes
  • Calculators – Body mass index calculator
  • Tips and secrets for every month etc


It’s prepared for patients or laymen or common man  by providing sections like

  • ‘ABC of homoeopathy’ – basic knowledge about ‘what is Homoeopathy’ how it works etc
  • Disease information – on diseases symptoms, homoeopathy treatment & cure with homoeopathic remedies & medicine
  • And other health related concerns as sections like Kid’s health, Geriatric health, Men’s health, Women’s health, Mental health, Skin diseases, Health,diet & fitness and Homecure testimonials etc

Aimed to treat professionals in the field. Sections as

  • Agro homoeopathy –for organic farming & agriculture by using Homoeopathy
  • Historical archives – Gives us both historical articles as well as cases in detail by the master Homoeopaths of the bygone era
  • Book reviews – on latest in Homoeopathy
  • Clinical cases-cured cases from professionals
  • Drug provings – A collection of new and old homeopathy drug provings and articles related to drug-proving, but few in no.
  • General Papers – collection of articles related to homeopathy.
  • Homeopathy Software – Find news, views, reviews on homeopathic software and download free homeopathy software!
  • Interviews – Read interviews with world’s renowned homeopathic doctors like Philip M Bailey, Robin Murphy, George Withoulkas, Roger Van Zandwoort etc
  • Repertory – information related to homeopathy repertories & repertorisation techniques, online books on Homeopathic Repertory, articles and papers related to Homeopathy Repertory, use of repertory, case-taking, case-analysis and much more.
  • Other Collection of articles & sessions on Materia Medica, Organon of medicine & philosophy, Homoeopathic pharmacology, Veterinery Homoeopathy, Scientific research, Medical ethics etc

Hpathy team provides various services for all who concerned with Homoeopathy under this section as

  • Discussion forums – where everyone can share their thoughts as posts on various topics, including both Homoeopathic & non homoeopathic just like an open discussion
  • Homoeopathy 4 everyone – E journal – a monthly journal from Hpathy team with more than 55,000 subscribers spread across the world and every one can subscribe it for free, by giving your email address on required column in the home page of the portal.
  • Homoeopathic pharmacies – contact addresses of various pharmacies all over the world
  • Health calculators – provides online calculators for monitoring health related aspects
  • Health & Homoeopathy news – with frequent & regular updating
  • Homoeopathic dictionary – On homoeopathic terms
  • Homoeopathic organizations –information about them of all around the world
  • Ask Dr George Withoulkas – This section is not active as Dr. George Vithoulkas is not answering any new queries. Can only go through old questions answered by him
  • Jobs & placements
  • Free online courses – is an orientation course for the Homeopathy Medical System meant for lay-people, patients, allopathy doctors, nurses, alternative medicine practitioners, and homeopathy students who wish to know more about Homeopathy before choosing it as a career.
  • Ask our experts – on various queries
  • Posology pro –helps to detremine the potency of your first medicine and helps to manage the case if you have already given the medicine
  • Seminar calender-can display your seminars as ‘Featured Seminar’ at Hpathy International Seminar Calendar for 30$/month

Aimed to help the students in Homoeopathy by providing worthy notes on Batch flower remedies, Biochemic tissue salts, Biographies of Homoepathic stalwarts, History of medicine, Homoeopathic complexes, Usage of mother tinctures, Tautopathy etc

Also helps by providing online E books, a complete list of various colleges in whole world, Syllabus of study etc

Home page of this site also seen with some links like

  • research, philosophy, materia medica, interviews, cases, veterinary etc under which various online posts are discussed
  • Along with a column as RECENT for what’s new post in the website also seen

Other online columns are

  • Popular posts
  • Hpathy polls – to cast our opinion on various issues which are current in nature
  • Oppurtunities to get updated with latest online social network communities


  • Website is well designed with lot of ‘easy to assess keys’ on the home page itself
  • Frequent & regular updating
  • Provides vast variety of information on homoeopathy & non Homoeopathic aspects
  • Sections like engage yourself are very entertaining
  • Free online e-journal is worthy to read
  • Satisfies both Homoeopaths as well as an outsider to the Homoeopathy


  • Some of the sections requires updation
  • Comparing with other websites of this era, there is no section like ‘online consultation’ for patients


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