IHMA Fever guidelines Version1 released

fever-ihrcIHMA Fever guidelines Version 1 released

Indian Homoeopathic Research Centre (IHRC) the research wing of Indian Homoeopathy Medical Association (IHMA) published the “Fever Guidelines” before the homeopathic community.

This is an attempt to standardize the treatment protocol for fever among Homoeopaths.The cases managed on the basis of these guide lines shall be documented for future studies.

Thus the efficacy of Homoeopathic remedies could be established in a much more scientific and systemic way.

Major Contents

  • General approach in fever
  • When and how to investigate
  • Case definition
  • Supportive management
  • Case taking format and protocol
  • First consultation at critical level
  • When to refer
  • Rubric analysis of important fever remedies – a really useful section
  • Preventive medicine and Genus epidemicus- RAECH guidelines

If you would like to get a copy of this book, Contact

Dr Vinod Joseph
Director IHRC
Ph: 09995403674

Web : www.ihma.in

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