IHMA Kerala MD Homoeopathy Model Questions 2010

Multiple Choice Questions.
From Question Paper of Indian Homeopathic Medical Association  Kerala  MD Homoeopathy coaching programme.

  1. If median nerve is injured at the wrist then loss of function of all of the foll. will take place except:
  2. Middle meningeal artery is transmitted through:
  3. All are motor nerves except:
  4. The total volume of CSF is
  5. Deja vu Phenomoenon seen in lesion of
  6. About splenic arteries  all are true Except
  7. Referred pain from ureteric colic is felt in the groin due to the involvement of the following nerve
  8. In spinal cord myelin sheath is formed by
  9. Intestinal obstruction caused by Ca colon most likely involves
  10. In standing position, venous return to heart from the lower limbs is affected by all of the following except

Download the full question paper (200 MCQs) :  www.homeobook.com/pdf/ihma-model-md-paper-2011.pdf

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