IHMA took firm stand against allopathy practice by Homoeopaths

ihmaIndian Homoeopathy Medical Association(IHMA)  National President Dr T K Hareendranath, requested Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH) not to start short term allopathy courses for homoeopathy practitioners.

Short –term course for Homoeopathic doctors to practice modern medicine- apprehensions reg;

The proposal of Maharshtra government to enable homoeopaths to practice modern medicine by giving them a short-term course in allopathy is deeply disturbing.  Though the decision is to extend the reach of medical aid to deserving common public in rural areas, in the long run, it will only help in degradation of homoeopathic system of medicine as well as substandard medical services to the public.

The history of homoeopathy in western countries and Europe clearly shows how they became almost extinct by unscientific integration with other systems of medicine. One can also see that the entire project is the brain child of some vested interests with educational institutions whose only agenda is personal financial gains.

So IHMA  strongly protest the idea of this unscientific short- term course to homeopaths to practice allopathy and thereby paving the way for diluting the quality of homoeopathic system of medicine.

Download IHMA letter to CCH



  1. I strongly support this. Yes this proposal is nothing but vested interests of some institutions to get popularity or survival. Now itself some gentlemen spoiled Homeopathy system in the name of combination drugs and nomiclature drugs. The system of Homeopathy is entirely different with modern science. This is nothing but degradation of system in whole

  2. I strongly support your views. I believe, first we need to suspend those teaching faculty who practice allopathy outside and teach homoeopathic subjects to students in the homoeopathic college.

  3. In case this decision is to extend the reach of medical aid to deserving common public in rural areas, why not give this training to allopathic Nurses and Compounders make them RMP’s and send them to villages, they would definetly not only serve better than converted Homoeopaths but definetly they would be too glad to elect these leaders by their VOTE, and Save Homoeopathy

  4. Sir why no one s file a case against these interpathy practice all over India.it should be legally bamned.is ther any legal obstruction to this.?

  5. True not only this kind of courses but also those who are practicing science without their legal knowledge n qualification must arrested on the spot red handed

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