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Dr Vibhavari Vinayak Pande

When a person is in normal state, he is in a natural state or he is in a state of integrity as he should be. When he goes into an injured state, or when he gets harmed or receive some injury, the natural integrity is lost. This harm is not only physical, it can even be mental or pertaining to physical state or resources. This injury reduces the power/influence/strength of a person.


Origin-From late Middle English

 From late latin delusio(n-),from the verb “deludere”meaning ‘to mock’.

Delusion is a false belief about something. These people believe something as true, which is actually not true. It persists despite sufficient proof or evidences are given against it.

For ex- Having a belief that she is a virgin, though she is married and have children.

Illusion is the false interpretation of reality, the false sense perception.

For ex- A wooden board seem to be an oil painting. Here external stimulus is present but falsely interpreted.

Hallucination is false sense perception without any external stimuli. For ex- Seeing mouse running under the chair, whereas no mouse is there actually. According to Dr. Kent the illusion, delusion and hallucinations are apparently same, though differ in degree. So he added all these things under this one rubric.

Miasm– Syphilis

It is a sensation or a belief perceived by the person through his sense organs,intelligence,imaginations,his conditioning etc.

For him this is the truth.This sensation is belief created by his own thinking and hence it may or may not be the truth.He himself is experiencing it but to others it may just be a false belief.This is a relative term  or situation.

A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. Delusion is a false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence. It is the belief held in the face of evidence to the contrary, that is resistant to all reason. Delusion is a false belief that is resistant to confrontation with actual facts. 

Delusion is a fixed idea maintained despite being contradicted by a rational argument; it’s a false perception of reality which makes a person thinks or act in an abnormal (diseased )manner.

The three main criteria for a belief to be considered delusional are 

1. certainty (held with absolute conviction), 2. incorrigibility (not changeable by compelling counterargument or proof to the contrary), 3. impossibility or falsity of content

InjureTo feel injured is to feel slightly at a loss or getting damaged.This is not a total loss of something ,but only a partial or slight change or loss ,and even this slight loss is being felt by the injured person.

E.g I have been suffering from various excesses by m relatives or by my landlord or the like any other such condition or situation.

1]To do or cause harm of any kind to E.g.-To injure one’s hand

2]To do wrong or injustice to E.g.-To injure friend’s feelings

3]If you feel injured,you feel upset because something unjust or unfair has happened to you E.g.-One feels faintly injured if the buses do not coe on time.

Injuryword injury originally denoting a wrong done or suffered is now used for any kind of evil,impairment or loss caused or sustained.E.g.-Physical njury,Injury to one’s reputation.

BeingState of existing,State of existence,To happen at present

Is-to be present

There are various reasons why a person feel injured and reasons vary according to the nature of the person.A person feels natural/comfortable only in this situation or conditions favourable for his nature or disposition.The conditions are adverse or not favourable ,the person starts feeling uncomfortable.

When this discomfort crosses limit,a person start getting distressed because of the circumstances.

This is an injured state.

Important drugs-bry,cact,canth,elaps,Hyos,kali br,lach lyss,naja,phos,plat,rhus t,Stram,sulph    

Injured feelings in different medicines of our Materia Medica=

Bryonia-A bryonia patient feels comfortable only if he is able to work smoothly. If there is any kind of disturbance in his does not work only for the sake of working, but he must have some gain from it,e.g.physical pleasure ,mental pleasure from it, only then he likes working. While doing this work ,even he has to face some discomfort or difficulty, he keeps on doing the inconvenient work,in order to achieve a greater pleasure. So we can say that a bryonia person does not like any burdensome /inconvenient situation. He wants to continue being in a situation or condition which is giving him comfort or pleasure. If at all he has to leave that comfortable situation or if there is any disturbance in that, he does not like it(Disturbed,avese to being).The cause which has produced such a discomfort is a problem for him. He wants to remove this cause. Till the time he does not remove the cause and obtain the comfortable situation again ,he will keep feeling injured.(Delusion,injury,being injured ,is).

For e.g., if a person has cough and he has pain while coughing, he will hold his chest with 2 hands while coughing or tries to stop cough ,so that if the cough is not there ,he will not have distress. Here the cough is causing distress to the patient. This continuation of a distressful situation is a continuous injury for the Bryonia patient.The definition of life for Bryonia patient is-


I -Invited


E- ever

Cactus grandiflorusAll the problems of this person start when his love is not reciprocated as per his desire.(Ailments from-love –disappoints).He starts remaining sad because of disappointment in love. This sadness is so deep that it affects his nature .Before this incident, he used to be a cheerful and vivacious person. He keeps on laughing and joking all the time .He just cannot do without that. But slowly, he starts feeling himself to be sick. He just cannot do without that. But slowly, he starts feeling himself to makes him irritable. He does not want to talk to anyone.(Talk ,indisposed to, MOROSE).He does not like if anyone tries to console him saying that this should not have happened with him or they are there to share his grief.(Consolation –agg.).He is very much aware of his own condition. He knows that this emotional state is harming him, it is affecting his nature. This is because this state is not result of sudden emotional trauma or shock. But initially he tries to control his emotions and remain happy .He has deep pain in his heart because of this betrayal. He starts losing his self-control and starts doing strange things. Strange things mean those which are not usual for him or something which a normal person does not do.

Cantharis V.-This patient feels that his illness is so powerful that he has to behave according to the illness and he himself cannot do as per his wishes. He is in total control of the disease.It is like the disease has completely taken a hold of him(Delusion-seized, as if).Now he is not capable of doing anything. This is the feeling of injury for him.But cantharis patient is not ready to accept this situation of his.(Defiant).When he himself is unable to become out of this situation ,he starts getting angry. He gets irritable ,becomes abusive. He even starts abusing and blaming God.(Abusive, Anger-pains-about, Blasphemy-cursing)The reason behind all this is stoppage of his work.

Elaps CorrallinesThis patient wants to enjoy life,free of all kinds of difficulties. He does not want to take slightest responsibility in life and wants to lead a happy life, Even a slightest responsibility is like a big burden for him.(Delusion- beaten ,he is being).It is as if he is being beaten from everywhere and these difficulties give a feeling of injury to him. He feels that these difficulties are injuring his happy life .He feels being beaten, now he is facing on problem and then the other one. He wants to get rid of these difficulties and run away from them. He wants to go to a place where there won’t be any kind of difficulty or problem whatsoever.(Countryside-desire for, Company n-aversion to –country away from people ;wants to get into the).

LachesisThis patient wants to enjoy everything he does.He wants to do those things from which he gets amused and enjoys doing it.(Amusement-desire for).But the circumstances,family,his business ,the atmosphere  is such that it does not allowed to do as per his wishes.He likes to lead a life and take things lightly.(Frivolous).he likes to listen music while studying or reading.He does not like to take things seriously.But his family feels that he will not be able to progress in life like this. They pressurized him for being serious about things which he does not like.(Delusion-injury-being injures ;is).whenever he faces difficulty or problem, he blames others that all the problems are because of them. He himself does not feel at fault, so here he feels that he is suffering as a result of mistakes done by others.(Delusion-wrong-suffered wrong ;he has).

LyssinumThis person is feeling injured because of his circumstances .The atmosphere and people with whom he is living are harassing him badly (Delusion-tormented ;he is).They are tormenting him.They are not respecting him.They are treating him like a dog.He feels as if he does not have any respect.He feels being scorned by them.All these circumstances give him a feeling of injury.

Phosphorus-He is an affectionate person .But he believes in give and take.He gives affection only to those who are affectionate towards him(Affectionate-returns affection).He is very selfish person.He can go any extent to get his work done.He can behave hypocritically(Hypocrisy).He projects himself as a very naïve person(Naïve).He will be with you till the time he is able to get his work done or there is a possibility of getting his work done from you.(Light-desire for,Talking-business ;of).Anything or any situation which is an obstacle for his selfish motive is felt like an injury by him.While being perfectly fine,he suddenly develops cold and fever and he is not capable of doing anything on his own(Delusion-seized,as if).Sudden cessation of his work and activities felt like an injury by him.

Rhustox-This person feels that some energy is after him(Delusion-pursued;he wae-enemies ,by),who is not letting him live peacefully.He is continuously troubling him and this enemy os continuously harming  him(Delusion-injury-being injured;is).This harm or injury is so severe that he is incapable of saving himself and he is being destroyed slowly(Delusion-dying-he is).This enemy is closely watching him as to what he is doing.This means he considers himself to be weaker than his enemy and feels that this enemy will finish him off.He feels that all this is happening because of bad things he has done.this person who is dying is concerned about his children and the people who are totally dependent on him that what will happen to them after his death?He tries hard to protect himself and his children.But because of his weakness,he does not feel that he will succeed in protecting them.A person has horrible disease because of his misbehavior like drinking,substance abuse ,bribes,theft etc..these diseases are nothing but his enemies.Another enemy is his own mind ,which keeps thinking about all bad things.He has a feeling that any bad thought coming to his mind becomes he scared of his such thoughts which leave a negative impact.e.g.what will happen to my children if I die?

Stramonium-This patient considers himself to be poor by all means. This feeling of being devoid of resources or power gives him a feeling of injury.This means he does not have mental and physical strength,family support.He has got all kinds of illnesses or difficulties.This situation of illness is slowly destroying him and he does not have any means of escaping from this.Because of his helplessness,he has to live in these circumstances.This feeling poverty gives rise to fear of getting more injury,that he should not lose anything more.This means he is scared of injury.But he never expresse this fear in front of others.He keeps projecting himself of being very brave ,but as soon as danger suddenly comes in front of him and he feels that now he will be harmed ,he immediately runs away from the situation or tries to do so and then he tries to get help from any possible source.(Clinging-persons or furnitures;to,Clinging-child –awakens terrified ,knows no one ,screams,clings to those near).

Sulphur-He has feeling of injury because of continuous depletion of his energy/power.The say of the patient is very simple, that I used to work so much earlier>I used to be like this<I used to be like that. means I used to be more powerful earlier as compared to present.This feeling of power can be with respect to intellect ,beauty, wealth etc.But now the power is getting depleted(Delusion-thin –he is getting)This reducing power develops a feeling of not being natural/normal in him(Ailments from-Embarrassment).E.g. While getting up from a chair if a person feels less energetic ,he starts feeling that old age is approaching now.I am forgetting things now. Injury to sulphur patient is not because he has physically become weak. If a person has lost weight and if he shows us “See how thin I have become!”Along with this, if he says that he is losing power /energy, only then we can take this symptom as (Delusion-thin –he is getting). This realization of thinning gives him a feeling of injury.


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Dr Vibhavari Vinayak Pande.
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