Jeremy Sherr’s Repertory of Mental Qualities

Jeremy Sherr’s Introduction To The  Repertory Of Mental Qualities (RMQ)

Welcome to the Repertory of Mental Qualities (RMQ). This innovative repertory  has proved of great assistance to my friends and myself in practice. I am  absolutely sure that it will be a great help to you in finding the best remedy for your patients.

The following is a discussion of the philosophy behind this repertory, the  methodology of its creation, instructions on using it and other useful information. I highly recommend you read this introduction before using the Repertory of Mental Qualities.

What led me to develop this repertory
How often have you seen a case where it was clear that too much caring about  others was a major issue?

Have you had difficulties finding the most appropriate rubric to represent this  idea? I certainly have. Should I use “Cares, full of, others about”, “Sympathetic”  or perhaps “Anxiety others, for”?

How often do we see a case where the patient presents a variety of issues related to money, resulting in a dilemma if to use “Fear of poverty”, “Avarice”, “Ambition, increased money to make” “Extravagance” etc.

How many times have you tried to repertorise low self esteem, victim or  obsessive compulsive disorder, but found that the rubrics are too small,  inappropriate or just not there. Our patients have major issues which just don’t  represent well in the current repertories.

I remember many cases where I had to combine “Fear of snakes”  “Dreams of  snakes” “Delusion of snakes”, then added a materia medica word search for  ‘snakes’ and still wished I could add a rubric with all the snake remedies. It was  repetitive work and a waste of my time.

For many years I have been continually combining the same rubrics, or being  frustrated over ones I could not find. I decided to solve these issues by creating a  new repertory, ‘The Repertory of Mental Qualities’.

What is the ‘right’ rubric?
My definition of the right rubric is ‘The rubric that has the right remedy in  it’. This might seem obvious, but it is true. Holding this guideline in mind has  helped my students and myself when choosing rubrics.

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