Karnataka HC notice to TN Homeopathy Council Registrar

The court passed order on contempt petition filed by Dr.R.Gnanasambandam, former president of the Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical council.

The Madras High Court issued contempt notice to Registrar of Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical Council for non-compliance of an order passed by high court for updating the Medical Register in accordance to the provisions of the Act.

Dr.R.Gnanasambandam filed a writ petition earlier stating that “According to the provisions of the Act the registrar , has to publish the Medical Register in the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette in the month of February every year and send them to the collector and municipal commissioners for the purpose of identifying the practitioner in each locality, place of practice and also to furnish the death report of the practitioners.

The last edition of medical Register alone the evidence of Registration of a practitioner . So far the Medical Registers were not published after 1978, despite of several reminders from the central council of Homoeopathy .The council converted the “ C” class to “B” Class passing a resolution and many illegal entries and impersonation had been reported. 

The High court ordered to update the Register within eight weeks . After the receiving the order Thiru G.Chandra babu threatened by sending notice to petitioner to remove the name from the register without following the statutory procedures and also filed a set aside petition in the court. He send only partial A class practitioners list without publishing the Gazette to the district and authorities marking a copy to the president Dr.G.P.Hahnemann ,the president of the council

The Coimbatore collector received only 95 practitioners and few without registration number and hided the entire list of B and C Class practitioners . The TN Government Gazette published for the election shows 199 Doctors and 1472 “ B” and “C” Practitioners . This misleading was observed by the collector and he ordered Thiru G.Chandra babu to furnish the gazette .It is also reported that Tutucorin District received only 15 practitioners of A class and many districts have not received intimation on the court order

Dr.R.Gnanasambandan filed a contempt petition on this non compliance of the court order and he also stated in his petition that Thiru G. Chandrababu is functioning as Registrar of the council without Government order. Honorable Madras High court had issued a contempt notice

Dr.R.Gnanasambandam said” Even though the council issues the Registration certificate to the A, B. C class homoeopaths , the evidence of Registration is the last publication of Medical Register every year. The information is given in every one’s certificate. But the council had not published the Medical Registrar since 1978 . Utilizing this opportunity many vulnerable activities had taken place such as illegal entries, impersonations and malpractice in election

This enable the district collectors and Municipal commissioner to monitor every genuine practitioner and escape from the unnecessary disturbances by the police and other officials . If the Medical Register is published every year , the mushrooming of quacks would have been arrested. This affects the younger generations welfare both in postings and practice indirectly.
Source : www.homoeotimes.com

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