Kerala PSC Homoeopathy Tutor Exam paper December 2011

Maximum : 100 marks.
Time : 2 hours.
Write the answers in English.
Answer all questions.
Answers should be accurate and brief.
Each correct answer carries 1 mark and for each wrong answer 1/3 mark will be deducted. No negative mark for unattended questions.

1. Trigeminal nerve is the………cranial nerve:

  • (A) 6th    (B) 4th
  • (C) 5th    (D) 3rd

2. Peaud’ orange appearance is diagnostic:

  • (A) Melanoma    (B) Lymphoma
  • (C) CA ovary      (D) CA breast

3. All the following malignant tumors show metastatis EXCEPT:

  • (A) Synovial carcinoma  (B) Malignant neurothelioma
  • (C) Glioma                            (D) Neuroblastoma

4. Cricoid cartilage is seen in:

  • (A) Larynx                     (B) Thyroid
  • (C)Maxillary sinus      (D) Pharynx

5. The principal lipoprotein secreted by liver is :

  • (A) HDL                 (B) LDL
  • (C) Chylomycin  (D) VLDL

6.The most common site for thyroglossal cyst is:

  • (A) Suprahyoid              (B) Subhyoid
  • (C) foramen caecum      (D) Antiborder of sternocledomasloid

7. Remedy for the after effect of mountain climbing

  • (A) Rhustox                   (B) Bryonia
  • (C) Bellis perenis           (D) Coca

8. Commonest site for colorectal CA is :

  • (A) Caecum                   (B) Transverse colon
  • (C) Rectosigmoid          (D) Splenic flexure

9. When susceptibility is more

  • (A) Potency should be low         (B) Potency high
  • (C) Potency medium                  (D) Mother tinctures are used

10.When the patients recollects the events preceding the illness —said as

  • (A) Catamnesis              (B) Anamnesis
  • (C) Past History             (D) None of the above

11. Human development index HDI is

  • (A) Longevity                (B) Knowledge
  • (C) Income                    (D) All of the above

12.Differential diagnosis of bleeding PV following 2 months amenorrhoea include all Except

  • (A) Abortion                      (B) Vesicular mole
  • (C) Ectopic pregnancy   (D) Fibroid uterus

13. Section 375 IPC is for

  • (A) Sadism                    (B) Sodomy
  • (C) Rape                        (D) Tribadism

14. EB virus infection is associated with cancer of :

  • (A) Nasopharynx           (B) Skin
  • (C) Lung                             (D) Cervix

15. A nosode is

  • (A) Ambragrisea                        (B) Secale Cor
  • (C) Malandrinum                        (D) All the above

16.The oval depression (fossa ovalis) is seen in

  • (A) Interventricular septum          (B) Posterior part of atrium
  • (C) Inter atrial septum                     (D) Post part of Rt Ventricle

17. A potent vaso constrictor and activator of platelet aggregation :

  • (A) Nitric oxide                          (B) Histamin
  • (C) Prostacyclin                         (D) Thromboxane A2

18. Which one is the clinical materia medica?

  • (A) E.A. Faringtons cinical material medica
  • (B) Clarke’s prescriber
  • (C) H.C. Allen’s, keynote
  • (D) All the above

19.Hahenmann’s last medical work of fundamental importance is

  • (A) Chronic diseases                 (B) IVth edition ofrganon
  • (C) Materia Medica Pura 3rd edn  (D) A medical historical dissertation

20. Bitter regret arising from the repentance of past misdeeds —Rubric

  • (A) Libertinism               (B) Remorse
  • (C) Reproaches               (D) Capriciousness

21.Entry and multiplication of organism in the body is called :

  • (A) Infection                     (B) Infestation
  • (C) Contamination          (D) Pollution

22. Chocolate cyst of ovary is a condition seen in

  • (A) Follicular cyst          (B) Endometriosis
  • (C) Corpus luteal cyst    (D) Serous cystadenoma

23. Carbomates or furidan is a derivative of

  • (A) Carbonic acid               (B) Methoxychlor
  • (C) Benzene hexchloride(D) Cyclodiene

24.The best single test to confirm iron deficiency anaemia

  • (A) Serum iron                           (B) Plasma ferritin
  • (C) Transerin saturationn      (D) Stool occult blood

25. The following offences are cognizable offence

  • (A) Rape                       (B) Murder
  • (C) Ragging                  (D) All of the above

26.The most common type of carcinoma endometrium is :

  • (A) Adenocarcinorna      (B) Papillary serous CA
  • (C) Sarcoma                         (D) Squamous cell CA

27.Epizootic is :

  • (A) Outbreak of epidemics in birds
  • (B) Outbreak of epidemics in animals
  • (C) Diseases imported into a country
  • (D) Disease transmitted from vertebrate to man

28.Hypersegmentation of neutrophils are characteristic of :

  • (A) Vit. B12 & folate deficiency  (B) Iron deficiency
  • (C) Hypersplenism                     (D) Thalassemia.

29.Euthanasia. is:

  • (A) Homicide                 (B) Suicide
  • (C) Mercy killing                        (D) None of the above

30. Which of the following is 2nd  degree uterine prolapse

  • (A) Descent of cervix into the vagina      (B) Descent of cervix upto the introitus
  • (C) Descent of cervix outside the introitus (D) All the uterus outside the introitus

31. Managerial tool for improving MCH care is:

  • (A) Service approach     (B) Cafeteria approach
  • (C) Welfare approach     (D) Risk approach

32. The father of the repertory is

  • (A) Boenninghausen      (B) Boger
  • (C) Kent                        (D) Knerr

33. A simple homoeopathic aggravation:

  • (A) Occurs when the medicine is a similimum
  • (B) Occurs due to a slight increase in the close
  • (C) The patient will be feeling well
  • (D) All of the above

34.Tumor markers for Hepato Cellular CAis:

  • (A) Carcino embryonic antigen   (B) 5-hydroxy indole acetic acid
  • (C) Alpha-feto protein                (D) Gastrin

35.Total no. of medicines in the 1st volume of materia medica pura is:

  • (A) 40   (B) 30
  • (C) 2 7  (D) 29

36. Which is a branched chain am

  • (A) Glycine        (B) Valine
  • (C) Aalanine      (D) Methionine

37. The angular notch (incisura angularis) is present in the:

  • (A) Lesser curvature of stomach (B) Greater curvature of stomach
  • (C) Upper part of stomach         (D) Ooesophagus

38.CV is abbreviation for

  • (A) Tomorrow morning   (B) Tomorrow night
  • (C) Tomorrow evening    (D) Tomorrow noon

39. Kerly’s lines are characteristically seen in :

  • (A) Left heart failure                   (B) Right heart failure
  • (C) Superior venacaval obstruction (D) Inferior venacaval obstruction

40.First Homoeopathic pharmacopia in the world

  • (A) German Homoeopathic pharmacopia
  • (B) British Homoeopathic pharmacopia
  • (C) Homoeopathic pharmacopia for the United States of America
  • (D) Hommeopathic pharmacopia of India

41. Age for marriage contract :

  • (A) Female 18 and male 20
  • (B) Female 19 and male 21
  • (C) Female 20 and male 22
  • (D) Both at 20 yrs of age

42. Constant dribbling of urine in females may be due to-

  • (A) Ureteric fistula          (B) Urethro vaginal Fistula
  • (C) Vesicovaginal fistula  (D) Uretro abdominal fistula

43. Leding morbidity among geriatric population in India:

  • (A) Skeleto muscular problem    (B) Respiratory problem
  • (C) Visual impairment                 (D) Neurological problems

44.Aschoff bodies in rheumatic carditis is a

  • (A) Keynote symptom                (B) Pathognomic symptom
  • (C) Concomittant symptom        (D) Chief symptom

45. Homoeopathy is defined is ” system of therapeutics based on natural laws by

  • (A) H.A. Robert             (B) Dunham
  • (C) Stuart Close             (D) Pierre Smith

46.”Onion ring” in the X-ray is suggestive of:

  • (A) Ewings tumor           (B) Giant cell tumor
  • (C) Osteosarcoma         (Di Chondrosarcoma

47. Alumina is the Chronic of

  • (A) Rhustox       (B) Plumbm met
  • (C) Sulphur        (D) Bryonia

48.In Alcoholics combined thiamine deficiency leads to:

  • (A) Arrythemia   (B) Wernickes disease
  • (C) Cirrhosis      (D) Hepatitis

49.The jejunum can anatomically identified by :

  • (A) The presence of ridges of    (B) Smoothness of parts
  • (C) Fatty swelling                       (D) None of the above

50.Lepromin test is always +ve in :

  • (A) Lepromatous leprosy           (B)Tuberculoid leprosy
  • (C) Border line lepromatous       (D) In determinate leprosy

51. Inciplastic anaemia there is generally

  • (A) Relative neutrophilia             (B) Relative lymphocytosis
  • (C) Microcytosis                                    (D) Reficulo cyte count normal

52. Major complication of typhoid ulcer is :

  • (A) Intestinal obstruction            (B) Intestinal perforation
  • (C) Malabsorption                      (D) Fistula formation

53. Pharmakon means:

  • (A) Poison        (B) Medicine
  • (C) Drug            (D) Crude drug

54.Dermoid cyst is a

  • (A) Mature teratoma       (B) Immature teratoma
  • (C) Potent malignant tumor        (D)None of the above

55. Deficiency of cobalt may manifest as.

  • (A) Megaloblastic anaemia         (B) Goitre
  • (C) Infertility                              (D) Ischaemic heart dis

56. Diagnostic rubrics can be seen in

  • (A) Kents repertory        (B) Bogers repertory
  • (C) Jahr’s repertory        (D) Knerr’s repertory

57. Soft sore is produced by

  • (A) Haemophilus aegypticus      (B) Donovania granulomatis
  • (C) Haemohilns ducrei                (D) Lymphogranuloma vencrum

58. Molluscum contagiosum is caused by:

  • (A) Papillonia virus        (B) Herpes virus
  • (C) Pox vinis                 (D) EB virus

59. The quantity of medicine to be given to a patient at a time : (A)

  • (A) Dose                       (B) Potency
  • (C) Smilimum         (D) None of the above

60. Common anorectal abscess

  • (A) Perianal       (B) Submucous
  • (C) Ischiorectal  (D) Pelvirectal

61. In Argyll-Rotoertson pupil :

  • (A) Light response retains and accommodation response is lost
  • (B) Light response lost  & accommodation reflex intact
  • (C) Both light and accommodation response lost
  • (D) None of the above

62.Liver weighs about :

  • (A) 2% of adult body wt (B)4% of adult body wt
  • (C) 1% of adult body wt (D) 3% of adult body wt

63.Vulvovaginitis in children is due to:

  • (A) Gonococcus                        (B) E.coli
  • (C) Trivaginalis              (D) All of the above

64. Pancreatic CA at the following sites more often produce obstructive jaundice

  • (A) Head           (B) Body
  • (C) Tail              (D) Uncinate process

65. River blindness is caused by:

  • (A) Loa loa                                (B) Onchocerca volvulus
  • (C) Mansonella Ozzardi              (D) Direfilans immitis

66. Tinctura acrisine kali is:

  • (A) Causticum   (B) Kali iodide
  • (C) Hepar sulph (D) Kali brom

67. Rrepertory is based on the philosophy of deductive logic

  • (A) Boger
  • (B) Boeninghausen’s therapeutic pocket book
  • (C) Synthetic repertory
  • (D) Kent

68. Totality of symptoms homoeopathically means:

  • (A) Mathematical totality
  • (B) Diagnostic totality
  • (C) Mental picture
  • (D) Disease which depict the individuality of the patient

69. Blood stained nipple discharge is seen in:

  • (A) Duct carcinoma        (B) Chronic mastitis
  • (C) Scirrhous CA           (D) Mammilary fistula

70.Reedstern bery cells are diagnostic of :

  • (A) Hodgskin’s lymphoma          (B) Non-Hodgskin’s lymphoma
  • (C) Burkit’s lymphoma               (D) Hammartoma

71.Atherosclerosis is predominantly disease of :

  • (A) Intima          (B) Media
  • (C) Adventitia    (D) Entire vessel wall

72.First natri uritic hormone is isolated

  • (A) Brain           (B) Heart
  • (C) Stomach      (D) Intestine

73.Complementary for Thuja is:

  • (A) Sabadilla     (B) Sarassaparilla
  • (C) Sabina         (D) Sanguinaria

74. Rheumatic pains of right wrist:

  • (A) Lycopodium                        (B)Viola odorata
  • (C) Arnica                      (D) Sanguinaria

75.Chop wounds are produced by:

  • (A) A knife        (B) Large nail
  • (C) An axe         (D) Screw driver

76.Massive enlargement of spleen occurs generally from following EXCEPT:

  • (A) Chronic myeloid leukaemia   (B) C.V.C. spleen
  • (C)’Thalassemia major                (D)Chronic malaria

77.Blue green pus in lesions are seen in:

  • (A) Tapeworm infection  (B) Cl. tetani
  • (C) Pseudomonas         (D) Borrelia

78. Aconite belongs to family :

  • (A) Apocynaceae           (B) Ranamculaceae
  • (C) Labiatae                  (D) Rutaceae

79.First card repertory :

  • (A) Gurnsey’s card – 1888           (B) Dr. Margaret Tyler’s card – 1912
  • (C) Welch and Houston – 1913   (D) Field’s card – 1922

80. Casoni’s test is used in

  • (A) Leprosy                   (B) Lieshmaniasis
  • (C) Hybrid disease         (D) Diphtheria

81.Pleural effusion occurs in :

  • (A) Subphrenic abscess             (B) Pulmonary TB
  • (C) Heart failure                         (D) All of the above

82. Which of the following produces Haematuria?

  • (A) Pinworm                              (B) Whipworm
  • (C) Shistosoma Haematobium    (D) None of the above

83. Salivary enzymes are seen in——-granules of salivary glands

  • (A) Metachromatic         (B) Babes Ernst
  • (C) Zymogen                 (D) Lipid

84. Majority of cases of membranous glomerulo nephritis has aetiology:

  • (A) SLE             (B) Viral infection
  • (C) H/O drugs    (D) Idiopathic

85. Epilepsy with valvular diseases of heart

  • (A) Buforana                 (B) Calcarea ars
  • (C) Causticum               (D) Plumbum met

86. Patchy consolidation is the hallmark of:

  • (A) Lobar pneumonia     (B) Hypostatic pneumonia
  • (C) Broncho pneumonia (D) Viral pneumonia

87.Mentally alert , fearful, anxious and easily irritated is a:

  • (A) Psoric symptom      (B) Sycotic symptom
  • (C) Tubercular symptom  (D) None of the above

88.Intense renal colic, pain in ureter withsensation of passing calculus and craving-ice :

  • (A) Medorrhinum                        (B) Syphilinum
  • (C) Sulphur                                (D) Cantharis

89.Water-can-pereneum- is a feature of

  • (A) E.coli infection         (B) Proteus
  • (C) Klebsiella                 (D) Gonoeoccus

90.The first source book of hom. relating materia medica

  • (A) Fragmeta de verebus medicamentururn positivus
  • (B) M.M. Pura
  • (C) Guiding symptoms
  • (D) Cyclopedia of drug pathogenicity

91. The drug belongs to animal kingdom:

  • (A) Asterias rubens        (B) Ustilago
  • (C) Colocynth                (D) All of the above

92.All the following includes JONE’s major criteria for rheumatic fever :

  • (A) Sydenhams chorea              (B) Erythema marginatum
  • (C) Subcutaneous nodule           (D) Leueocytosis

93. A person feels severe chest pain in :

  • (A) Wet drowning                       (B) Dry drowning
  • (C) Secondary drowning                        (D) Near drowning

94. Blood volume in pregnancy increases by:

  • (A) 20%            (B) 40-45b%
  • (C) 10%            (D) 60%

95. Vector of Dengue fever is :

  • (A) Mansania     (B) Culex
  • (C) Aedes             (D) Anopheles

96. Absence of thirst in fever is a :

  • (A) Negative symptom   (B) Basic symptom
  • (C) Periodical symptom (D) Eliminative symptom

97.Hahnemann published the 1st edition of materia medica pura on:

  • (A) 1811            (B) 1812
  • (C) 1818            (D) 1820

98. Granulation tissue refers to:

  • (A) Slough and blood    (B) Inflammatory exudate
  • (C) Platelet and fibrin     (D) Capillaries and fibrobIasts

99. Bnyonia acts on :

  • (A) Serous membranes  (B) Bone
  • (C) Cartilage                       (D) Muscle

100. Calcitonin is produced by:

  • (A) Thyroid                      (B) Thymus
  • (C) Parathyroid              (D) Kidney

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    • Answer of Q55,
      Answer for ‘cobalt deficiency can lead to’ is given as Goitre. I doubt it’s megaloblastic anaemia

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