Looking into Metal of Row 6 Column 13: Thallium

Dr Nethravathi B

  •  THALLIUM was first discovered by WILLIAM CROOKES, in March 1861.
  • Thallium name is derived from Bright green line in its emission spectrum, Greek word ‘THALLOS’, meaning green twig.
  • This naturally occurring trace element, soft, malleable, is odourless, tasteless, water soluble, hence more accidental and criminal intoxication are reported, mainly a cumulative poison. 3 ways of absorption – Absorption through Skin, Respiratory inhalation, Absorption through Gastrointestinal tract.
  • The most toxic heavy metal, readily absorbed poison by skin is nicknamed as ‘POISONER’S POISON’ & ‘INHERITANCE POWDER’ (also Arsenic – more gastrointestinal symptoms with peripheral neuropathies, Thallium – alopecia with peripheral neuropathies)
  • Mostly used as rodenticide, pesticide also used in treatment of syphilis, gonorrhoea, gout, dysentery.

PATHOPHYSIOLOGY – Thallium is structurally similar to Potassium, hence enter body through potassium uptake pathways. Thallium affects cells and mitochondria, by causing oxidative stress and producing ROS, triggering apoptosis, impeding the electron transport chain, lowering ATP synthesis, changing membrane permeability, and harming DNA and proteins.


1.By William Boericke –Thallium seems to influence the endocrines, especially the thyroid and adrenaline. Most horrible neuralgic, spasmodic, shooting pains.

2. By Rajan Sankaran –

  • Belong to Gold series, meeting point of row 6 and column 13.
  • Trying to hold on to the power that is being taken away from them, start losing power to take responsibilities. Structure is attacked.
  • Coped up state – Great performance, great agility, great mobility, great activity of mind, hardworking, sharp.
  • Uncompensated state – Locomotor ataxia, loss of control and coordination, confusion.
  • It feels attacked and attacks in return with great violence. Pains are violent and spasmodic indicating mind can also be violent and spasmodic.
  • Thallium is Head of army, head of defence next line to ruler (Plumbum)

3. By Vermeulen. F –

Sphere of action –

  • Central and peripheral nervous system.
  • Thyroid gland.
  • Adrenal gland.
  • Cardiovascular system.
  • Right side.

4.In Complete repertory (MIND)–

  • Mind; abuse agg., ailments from; childhood, in
  • Mind; anger; will, if things do not go after his
  • Mind; anxiety; causeless
  • Mind; comprehension; loss of
  • Mind; concentration; impossible
  • Mind; delusions, imaginations; enemy; surrounded by
  • Mind; delusions, imaginations; insane; become, that one will
  • Mind; delusions, imaginations; murdered; will be
  • Mind; delusions, imaginations; pursued, of being
  • Mind; delusions, imaginations; rats, mice, insects, etc.
  • Mind; dreams; falling
  • Mind; dreams; high places
  • Mind; excitement, excitable
  • Mind; fear; agoraphobia
  • Mind; fear; falling, of; height, from a
  • Mind; fear; heart; disease, of
  • Mind; fear; high places
  • Mind; fear; insanity, of losing his reason
  • Mind; fear; murdered, of being
  • Mind; hysteria (with numbness, with over sensitiveness)
  • Mind; injustice, cannot support
  • Mind; lamenting, bemoaning, wailing
  • Mind; restlessness, nervousness; extreme
  • Mind; shrieking, screaming, shouting; pain, during
  • Mind; striking; fists, with
  • Mind; suspiciousness, mistrustfulness
  • Mind; violence, vehemence; ailments from, agg.
  • Mind; work; agg.; mental


  • Keywords – Periodic table, Thallium, Toxicology, Materia medica, Repertory, Drug poster.


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Dr Nethravathi. B,
PG Scholar (MD Part 1). Department of Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Government Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka.
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