Magnesium Group Homoeopathy remedies

group5World’s lightest metal

Highly active in pure state

3rd most abundant  of the metals  forming 2.5% of the earth crust.

In human body too  it is the 3rd  most abundant  cation after  Na &Ca.

It has an intermediate  position between alkalis and transition metals—alkali earth metals

It is  discovered by  Sir Hemphery Davy (Na, K, Mg, Cl, Ba, Bo).

Symbol – Mg

Group – II A (alkaline earth metal) (Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Ra)

Series – 3rd

Atomic no – 12

Atomic weight – 24.302 amu


  • Mg is a salt. It is odorless, tasteless& insoluble in alcohol but soluble in dilute acids.
  • Mg is brilliant silver white  metal sold in form of ribbon and wire.


  1. Lightness of Mg has earned it a place in aerospace and electronics (Making electronic devices, air planes,  missiles, fire works etc.)
  2. Making alloys, Mg forms  an active alloy with lead (Mg2Ph) that readily absorbs O2 from air.
  3. Mg amalgam can be prepared by heating Mg with Mercury.
  4. Mg was  used as a laxalive, antacid.  Since time, Mg is used as a purgative medicine.
  5. In organic chemistry,  it is used as an intermediate  for introduction of new  radicals.
  6. It has high affinity for O2 and hence used as a reducing agent.


  • In the serum, its contents 2-4 mg. Mg is particularly important in respect to germination. Sperms  are rich in Mg and stimulate  sexual function.
  • Brain, muscle and testes are rich in magnesium.
  • It is an intracellular  iron. It is useful in signalling , enzyme activation and catalysis.


  • Green leafy veg – Spinach, Nuts- Cashew, almonds, beans Soyabeans,pumpkin seeds.
  • Whole grain buck wheat flour, Barley.
  • Fish
  • Lowfat vanilla
  • Yoghurt.

Due to excessive loss of Mg in urine, GI system disorders, that cause  loss of Mg or and absorption or chronically law intake of Magnesium.

Signs and Symptoms

  • GI symptoms – Loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting
  • CVS symptoms – Irregular  heart beat, palpitation and HTN, Kidney stones.
  • Nervous Symptoms – Disorientation, tired feeling, sleep disorders irritability.

Mg toxicity associated with Kidney failure .A large dose of  laxatives and antacid causes Mg excess.

Nausea diarrhea loss of appetite and muscle weakness, low BP and irregular  heart beat.


  • Magnesium Carbonicum (Carbonate of Magnessium)
  • Magnesium Muriaticum (Mureate of Magnesium)
  • Magnesium phospohoricum (phosphate of Magnesium)
  • Magnesium Sulphuricum (Epsom salt)
  • Mag Flouricum
  • Mag bromatum
  • Mat  Iodatum
  • Mag aceticum
  • Mag borocitricum
  • Mag usta
  • Mag selecatum


Stout, fair flabby, skin is pale, puffy, oily and waxy with slow healing and scar formation. Premature loose skin, hangs down with lax fiber


THERMAL  : Chilly, very sensitive to cold.

Miasm  : Psoric

All magnesium remedies act on GI tract ,sexual organs especially uterus, NS, Musles, liver and GB, prostate, nails etc. Magnesium shows more  affinity  towards right side.

Magnesium injections reduce body temperature.

Mg ions are a depressant of CNS and neuro muscular  transmission. Mg++ relaxes muscle. In heart  Mg slows the rate of  impulse formation at SA node. The intestinal action of Mg salts need not be  concerned  with a purgative  action as is known of MgSO4. With MgSO4 the fluidity of stool depends not upon a reabsorptive action  but exactly on the poor reabsorption of this salt.


1.Pacifism : They hate aggression in any form. They try to avoid violence in any form. They find it very difficult to get angry, because they are  extremely disturbed by violence.

2.Aggression : On the other hand they can be very aggressive (Mag C Eg) This part is not much emphasized in literature. But whitmont describes Mgs the most violent, ill tempered,  erratic but also fearful, depressed remedy in our MM.

3.Fear of loss  of friends, family etc. Kent describes  Mag C as a remedy for orphans. Mag carb Magmur are important  remedies for children of divorced or quarrelling  parents.


Main feeling of Mg is tremendous internal anxiety and insecurity  but this feeling is usually repressed. (Natrum suppresses) Emotions  are so repressed that even the patient is unaware of them.

5.Insecurity ,Neglected feeling

Mg patients have the history of being neglected in some way by the parents.

6. Dreams of feeling loneliness, of having to face the problem alone etc.

Of being left behind- dreams that they were on a railway platform and the train departed with all relatives while patient was left behind. Among the pleasant dreams, that magnesium patient get dreams of being with people, a picnic with relatives etc.

These feature  of tremendous anxiety, insecurity a need for protection and nourishment and a  strong repression of emotions are seen in orphans, one who has no one to protect him or whom he can confide in.


  1. Right Sided affections
  2. Chilly patients (except Mag Iod,)
  3. Periodicity of Complaints
  4. Desire – For, meat, vegetables and refreshing things,
  5. Aversion – to cooked food, sweets, fatty food, Milk is intolerable < sweet, fat
  6. Discharges are sour, profuse and offensive, stool green watery with mucus. Menses – Blood is very dark ,tar like and many complaints excited or aggravated  in  relation with menses.
  7. Mg group have affinity to nervous  system peripheral paralysis  and affections of  muscle  excitability Neuralgic pains are present.
  8. Poor resistance, lack of vital heat,  and increased susceptibility which leads  to allergic  manifestation. Eg : urticaria, eosinophilia, asthma etc.
  9. Pains : Neurlgias-  Pain is darting , tearing, boring and shooting.
  10. Having antispasmodic character useful in abdominal colic,  renal colic angina biliary colic etc.
  11. Tendency to new growth, like  tumours  and warts
  12. Sleep Unrefreshed, more tired in evening.
  13. Mg group mainly psoric similar to calcareas.
  14. General Modality
  • < By cold, touch, 7am, Rt side and motion
  • >Warm application, pressure and Bending double.


Remedy for children of quarreling or divorsed parents. In Mag C feeling that he is not  appreciated. This makes to understand why  Mag C children so aggressive. They have to be   recognized and accepted & if this does not  happen, they will show their presences  in another way, they well force you to respect them.


  1. Spasmodic affections of stomach and intestines (Col, Mag P), increased Secretions from mucus membranes, marked acidity.
  2. Menses preceeded by serethroat , labour like pain, cutting colic, weakness chilliness flows only at night or when lying, ceases when walking (Ammo m, Kreos, opposite of Lil tig) acrid dark  pitch like, difficult  to wash off (med).
  3. Children whole body smells sour ,disposed  to boils.
  4. Diarrhea -Stool-Green,  watery, frothy like a frog ponds scum.
  5. Milk  passes undigested in nursing children,  sour with tenesmes (Rheum).
  6. Constipation after  mental shock or severe nervous strain.
  7. Agg – change of temperature,  every 3 weeks, rest, milk, during menses. Ame. – Warm air, but worse  in warmth of bed (Led, Merc – better in warmth of bed – As).


Remedy for children  of quarrelling or divorced parent. In Mag Mur feeling that there is fear of losing  his sense of being safe and cured for. They crave for attention of nurturing, Ist stage  they crave for attention, whine,  but they might also get very irritated  if they  don’t get attention. Irritation  may marked  and change  into bad temper or fits  of anger. Same time they are afraid  of aggression themselves because of fear of losing  the support.

They can’t  stand violence

Afraid of people’s anger

Quarrels between parents can throw them completely out of  balance.


  1. Children – difficult  dentition, unable to digest milk, causes pain in stomach and passes undigested,  pung, rachitic  and crave sweets.
  2. Great sensitiveness to noise
  3. Sweating of head (Calc, Sani, Sili))
  4. Leucorrhoea – after exercise  with every  stool with uterine spasm, followed  by  metrorrhagia two weeks after menses for 3 to 4 days (Bar, Bov, Con)
  5. Constipation – stool hard, large, knotty  like sheep’s dung, difficult to pass, crumbling at the vage of anus (Anumm, Natm) of infants during dentition.


Fear that their aggression will take away the possibilities of contact. They need to make contact  to exchange  ideas and feelings . But they are afraid that they will say  some thing wrong which makes other person angry and even break of the friendship. So they became  very careful. They become more and more tense and almost spastic. Eventually they avoid making  contact and even develop fear of people.

They can also cause the withdrawing  and timid behaviour.

They like traveling or quite the opposite ,they often suffer  from Homesickness.


  1. 1.Pains –Sharp  cutting, stitching,  lighting like  coming and going (Bell). Paroxysmal.  Spasmodic or cramp of stomach with clean tongue as if a band  around the body.
  2. 2.Colic – flatulent  forcing to Bend double and by heat, rubbing, hard pressure (Col, plumb)
  3. 3.< Cold air, cold washing, bathing, motion, touch,>Bending double, heat, warmth, pressure


Mind :  Mag sulph is afraid of getting angry,  out of fear of losing his love or  his loved one.


Itching  suppressed itch, small pimples  itch violently, warts, erysipelas and dropsy.

Diabetes : Stiches & burning in the  orifice of urethra after micturition (urethritis) .Urine in morning copious and yellow later  become turbid with red deposits. Urine greenish when passed, is of a clear colour and in large  quantity.

Leucorrhoea as profuse as  menses with weary pain in lumbosacral region and on moving about. Metrorrhagia, returns after 14 days.

Physiologic dose
Mag. S is of diagnostic and therapeutic value in gallstone colic. From 2-4 teaspoonfuls in a glass of hot water  taken at the  onset of a colicky attack may abort  or stop the colic.


  1. Mag Carb,Shrewd sad,taciturn like sepia,face livid or scarlet red,frequent user candies,sleepy daytime restless night,extra shrewdness makes menses tar black,old era homeopaths advice JP Gallavardin types, one or two doses high potency at long intervals if selected totality of somatic and physical symptoms based sufficient to cure.many modern homeopaths hand over multi remedies take daily like allopathic system of cure,Reckweg types are also mixtures disease wise.there are also no clear cut comments by top homeopathic doctors which route to follow.

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