Medorrhinum Personality

Dr Jawahar Shah

Medorrhinum is a remedy which is predominantly indicated for the people who are very comfortable at night. They are happy, exhilarated and excited as evening sets in. Such behaviour can be expressed by the phrase, “Cross by day, Merry by night”.

It is an important remedy for children who are very passionate, affectionate and loving. They have strong desire for love and affection. It is also indicated for behavioural problems of children. Children who are rude and aggressive, who throw temper tantrums, who fight with other children, esp. during the day and who kick and strike their parents or relatives can be Medorrhinum.

At night these children become very playful, comfortable and affectionate.

It is one of the important remedies where there is a history of Gonorrhoea, in parents or patient in the past. The other causative factor is Anticipation. Anticipating the sickness brings on the trouble and also thinking of the complaints < +++.

Right from childhood, they have the capacity to receive intuitive feelings. And this intuition usually comes true. On so many occasions, they can predict accidents, natural calamities or results of exams and in reality that actually works out to be true. The other extreme of love i.e. hate, is a much more stronger feeling in Medorrhinum. A child who was getting “A” grade, in school, suddenly starts getting “F”. The child who used to love his parents starts hating them from the depth of his heart. A child who had tremendous attachment to animals (Aethusa, Nuphar luteum) starts hating them and this child becomes very violent towards animals, esp. rats, mice, etc. (Tarent., Anac., Mosch). All these remedies are very cruel towards animals. In Tarantula, you will find violence, with physical restlessness and mobility. In Anacardium, you will find two wills and confusion to understand what is right and what is wrong. While in Moschus, you will find lot of sexual excitement and violence of the last degree. Moschus becomes important remedy for sexual perversions and nymphomania, starting at a very early age of life.

The child is very sensitive and emotional. Loves flowers, beauty and takes good care of them. The child who was polite, soft, passionate and loveable turns into a devil. He feels a strong desire to bite, kick, hit, strike. He is very rude and aggressive. All his actions become erratic, he develops inner hardness, which is very deep and that is why, it is very difficult to handle these children.

These children love whatever is forbidden. If you tell them not to do certain things, they are the first people to go and do it. This quality is similar to Tarentula. That is what makes them courageous and brave. Both these remedies are courageous, but in Tarentula, they have no soft corner for anything. They can lie with so much confidence, that the other person starts believing it as the truth. For e.g. If he was given some money, he will not return the balance amount. He will spend it on himself. On being asked the details he will say that may be the balance money fell from his pocket. If you point out the chocolate marks around his mouth, then he will give an explanation that the chocolate was given by a friend. He will never admit the truth, even in the worst of circumstances.

In Medorrhinum, the child starts with a lie but does not know how to finish and gets caught half-way through, starts fumbling and he doesn’t have the same confidence as the Tarentula child.

As this child grows into a teen-ager, he wants to experience everything. He wants to try out new things in life. He likes to go out with girls for parties, discotheques etc. These are the young children, you will find moving around in the streets or discotheques, late at night. They always love to do what is forbidden. If the father says, come back at 10. p.m., they will come back at 2 a.m. They will sneak out of the house, once the parents have gone to sleep. They smoke, drink and they have sexual relationship at a very young age. They don’t like bindings. That is why; the idea of marriage seems unendurable. They are the people who remain unmarried till very late in life, even though they have many boyfriends or girl friends.

Medorrhinum is predominantly an extremist. They are very self centered and hard hearted and they don’t want any connection with people around them. At times they are very crude and violent. They are cruel and violent towards people, to their own children and towards animals. Here the similarity is to Lycopodium and Sepia. Both do not like their children. But in Lycopodium, they don’t like children, because they don’t like to take up responsibility. So they remain unmarried. They are anxious about sexual performance and duties that will be thrust upon him. Sepia has aversion to children, male members and sex.

Along with aggression, other extreme responses like shyness are also quite obvious. This is so pronounced that they are not able to speak during an interview.

As they have tremendous sexual appetite, they visit different girls or prostitutes and may have sexually transmitted diseases, esp. Gonorrhoea. Suppression of gonorrhoea leads to the commencement of all the troubles and complications.

Medorrhinum is one of the important remedies for mental retardation and poor reaction. These children are physically very weak with enlarged lymphatic glands and catch infections easily. These infections progress slowly and steadily, remains for longer duration and takes more time to resolve. The infection can act as a shock to the system and may have long lasting effects. At the mental level, there could be shock from some act of the parents. It could be some kind of hatred, jealousy, negligence and abuse from parents or relatives. The shock goes very deep into their systems and the child totally withdraws from the parents.

This withdrawal and hardness can lead to 3 things:
1. They become excessively religious and start feeling that life is unreal.
2. They develop anxiety.
3. They develop suicidal tendency
So Medorrhinum becomes an important remedy for suicidal tendency in young adults.

Degeneration sets in little early in Medorrhinum. They lose their memory for names and words, even to the extent that they have to ask the names of their close friends. They begin a sentence and halfway through, forget what they were going to say.

Time passes too slowly (Arg Nit, Cann Ind.)
Recent events appear as if had occurred years ago or things done today feel as if were done one week ago.

The patient is predominantly hurried in nature, a workaholic type who is totally absorbed in his profession. He starts thinking that people are very slow and that people must hurry all the time. Right from childhood, they have fear of dark; fear that somebody is behind him and fear of monsters around him.

Anxiety that something will happen all the time. Anxiety about imaginary things.
Anxiety of losing fortune and Fear that he/she will say some things wrong.
The anxiety is expressed by biting nails of fingers and toes. It is probably the only remedy, where the patient bites his own toe nails.

Most of the time, when patient is sad with weeping tendency, we think of Pulsatilla. But Medorrhinum is a very important remedy where patient cannot express his symptoms without weeping. Weeping ameliorates sadness.

The last important symptom is obsession. Like Syphilinum, Medorrhinum is also an important remedy where patient wants to wash hands repeatedly.

Medorrhinum is predominantly hot. Always searches for a cold place. Even the child rolls out of the bed and rolls on the ground is search of a cold spot. They do not like their feet covered. Uncovering ameliorates. Desire for A/C, fast fan and gets aggravated in the sun. They also have a craving for ice and cold drinks. They get easily exhausted, both at mental and physical level.

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