Mrs Nancy Ninan- an inspiring life to homoeopaths

nancyMrs Nancy Ninan of Kerala passed away.

In a rural village called Mogullapally, 60 km from Warangal in Telangana state, people keep the images of two persons near the idols of their Gods. They were with them for around 18 years in their joy and their sorrows. They were none other than Very Rev P.O. Ninan Achen and Mrs. Nancy Ninan. Mrs Nancy Ninan, was a mother like figure to the villagers, and was willing to extend her serving hands even at mid night.

When CSI Telangana Mission (the then Andhra Mission) was started in the year 1967, Very Rev. P.O. Ninan and Mrs Nancy Ninan were appointed as the pioneer missionaries. The mission was centered in a place called Mogullapally, 60 km from Warangal Railway station. They came there with their two kids. Being a rural village with no medical facilities, Nancy Kochamma saw the suffering of the people living around. Lots of people were dying out of snake bite and scorpion stings. There was no treatment for these conditions apart from black magic and some herbal treatment. She then started treating patients bitten with snakes and scorpions with homeopathic medicines, which were given in the form of intramuscular injections as well as oral medicines. This treatment method was a great success. At first the treatment was given in the mission house itself. Later a building was bought in the Mogullapally junction itself during the year 1973, which became the CSI Mission Hospital.

In 1968, their second child Nirmala was critically ill after the climate change and she died there. She was only one and half years old at the time of her death. This tragic event did not turn Ninan Achen and Kochamma back. They again remained there for another 17 more years in both Mogullapally and finally in Parkal, before they came back to Kerala. It was the empathy and the love and affection towards the poor and the needy that kept both Achen and Kochamma there in Mogullapally.

Their service to God and people were not over by their life over there. After completion of his graduation, Dr. Oommen P. Ninan (Nirmal) took the charge of Mission Hospital in Parkal, who constructed the new Hospital complex there. Later, their daughter Nisha, along with her husband Rev Binju Varghese Kuruvilla took charge of Mogullapally Mission Hospital, who also started a new primary school in the name of her late sister Nirmala (Nirmala English Medium School).

It can be of great pride for the whole homeopathic family in India that this treatment which Nancy Kochamma implemented is one of the rarest of its kind and needs to be evaluated and researched. This hospital is one of its kind which assures treatment for scorpion stings and snake bites with pure homeopathic medicines. Another astonishing factor is that this hospital has a unique track history of about 99% success rate since its starting in late 60s. Based on its service in rural villages, The Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association (IHMA), Kottayam Chapter has recognized hospital with an award, which was handed over by the then Chief Minister Sri. Oommen Chandy, to the staff and management of CSI Homoeopathic Mission Hospital, Mogullapally. The hospital renders its service to villagers living in around 30 km radius, where there are no proper treatment available for bites and stings.

Mrs Nancy Ninan has opened a new line of treatment, which is yet to be explored in the field of Homoeopathy. As we mourn on her demise, let us take it as a challenge and a tribute that, we will make this life-saving treatment mode available to other villages in different parts of India, that lot of people may be saved. Reported by Dr Jean Mathew Abraham

Nancy Kochamma, we Pat our tributes to you. She is the founder of CSI mission Homoeopathy Hospital at Mogulappally, Telangana for treating Snake Poisonings and Scorpion Poisonings through Homoeopathy. Her innovative Protocol of Echinacea Q in persons having consciousness bitten by snakes and Ammonium Causticum in persons who are unconscious after snake bites proved so successful that many lives were saved. 50 years back when she accompanied her Husband Rev Fr Ninan who was posted to Mogulappally for CSI mission work she found many villagers dying of snake bite where there was no access to Expensive Antivenom . She developed a Homoeopathic Protocol to treat the helpless people it saved many lives. Before she came back to Kerala the hospital was working in full swing Ensuring Virtually No Deaths due to Snake Bites. Since a decade No Deaths have been reported their thanks to the Homoeopathy Protocol developed by her. This will be a unique Track record and the hospital won Swamy Athuradas Award for this track record las year which was handed over to the CSI mission authorities by the then CM Sri Oommen Chandy. Still Nancy Kochamma chose to remain as an unsung heroine,as she chose to stay indoors. Now when the hospital authorities were all set to begin the 50 year celebration of her mission next month she left to her heavenly abode . Nancy Kochamma you strived to make this world a beautiful place to live on. Your silent mission has far reaching implications in medical history that a simple Homoeopathy solution is available for snake bites and that a zero failures targeted Protocol is available in such a dangerous condition. Nancy Kochamma no words are there to describe your silent mission. I thought at least in this juncture this should be known to all so that as the world knows it more lives can be saved without pumping inexpensive solutions. May be in the muscle power and economic power of mighty pharmaceutical companies this voice may get immersed. But this should be vocalized for the poor and for a better humanity. Nancy Kochamma Rest In Peace as you can as you made the lives of so many poor people beautiful. Reported By Dr Sreekumar