NABH entry level accreditation to Ayush clinics and hospitals

In order to avoid the headache/burden of yearly college inspection- councils are planning for “Ayush entry level accreditation” to ASU&H colleges.

Instead of regular 140 or 97, entry level certificate has only 37 standards to fulfil. So this is comparatively easy for hospitals attached to Ayush colleges or individual clinics or hospitals. Many colleges earlier failed to comply with NABH accreditation standards. So they decided to start entry level certificate.

Currently only Government aided college teachers are appointed as inspectors- still some of them collecting flight tickets and accommodation from college authorities.

This entry level certificate is valid for 2 year. But full accreditation valid for 3 year.

To know more about entry level NABH accreditation of Ayush hospitals and clinics


  1. Great Decision by NABH authorities. This accredations will help for improved and with all facilities and patient-Doctor friendly Homoeopathic clinics.
    Dr. Harparkash Sharma,
    Chairman Haryana Homoeopathic Council.

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