National Commission for Homoeopathy released PG Regulations 2024

Dr Mansoor Ali KR 

National Commission for Homoeopathy (Homoeopathy Post-Graduate Degree Course- Doctor of Medicine in Homoeopathy) Regulations, 2024.

Effect from :18th March, 2024. Applicable to 2024 admission onwards

Specialty Subjects

(a) Homoeopathic Materia Medica;
(b) Organon of Medicine and Homoeopathic Philosophy;
(c) Homoeopathic Repertory and Case Taking;
(d) Homoeopathic Pharmacy;
(e) Practice of Medicine;
(f) Pediatrics;
(g) Psychiatry;
(h) Community Medicine;

A student who has secured a minimum of seventy-five percent of attendance and shows satisfactory progress, shall be permitted to appear at M.D. (Homoeopathy) Part-I and Part-II examinations respectively

The student is expected to write a research paper on the basis of his dissertation and submit to a peer-reviewed scientific journal or present in a national-level seminar.

Paper 1
Fundamentals of …Subject
Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine
Research Methodology and Biostatistics

Paper 2
Speciality Subject Pape 1
Speciality Subject Paper II

Internal assessment: – Every Six months
Summative assessment – During 18th & 36 month

Internal Marks
A common practical exam for paper I and II (100 marks practical + 100 marks viva voce) shall be conducted; twenty per cent. weightage shall be for internal assessment, which shall be calculated for practical or clinical including viva voce only. One internal assessment of 40 marks [20 marks (practical or clinical) + 20 marks (viva voce)] after each term of six months and average of two terms shall be considered. 80% weightage shall be for summative assessment).

The maximum number of students to be examined in clinical or practical and Viva-Voce examinations on any day shall not exceed ten for M.D. (Homoeopathy) examinations.

Staff Pattern
One Professor and Two Associate Professors
One full-time Statistical assistant

Mandatory BLS
All post-graduate students shall complete a course in Basic Cardiac Life Support skills – no post-graduate student shall be permitted to appear in the M.D.(Homoeopathy) Part-I examinations without the above certification

All post-graduate students shall complete a Course

  • Basic Life Support
  • Basic course in medical education technology
  • Scientific writing and be duly certified from the recognised Institute of the Central Government.

The institutions shall arrange training programmes on electives such as Telemedicine, Making effective presentations, use of PubMed, Awareness in medical audit management, Health economics, Health information system, basics of statistics, exposure to human behavior and study and knowledge of homoeopathic pharmacy. It is mandatory for each student to complete any one of the above electives in the entire duration of post-graduate course.

Eligibility for a PG teacher/examiner
A teacher in a homoeopathy medical institution who is in post of Associate professor or Professor in concerned specialty subject

In Community Medicine and Dermatology : PG in Homoeopathy is sufficient for coming 10 years

Provided also that the guide or supervisor of a post-graduate speciality shall remain the guide or supervisor for that speciality only and he cannot become guide or supervisor for more than one speciality subject.Provided that teachers who are already approved as post-graduate guide shall continue to remain post-graduate guide

Student guide ratio.–
(1) The student – guide ratio shall be 3:1 if the guide is of Professor cadre.
(2) The student – guide ratio shall be 2:1 if the guide is of Associate Professor cadre.

Download NCH PG Regulation 2024  English, Hindi 


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