New Allen’s Keynotes by HC Allen

Aim of The Book

To render the student’s task less difficult, to simplify its study, make it both interesting, useful and easy to remember.

Book review by Mansoor Ali 

Full name : Key notes rearranged & classified with leading remedies of the Materiamedica & Bowel nosodes.

Author : H.C.Allen.MD

Preface : By the publishers

Edition : 9th Indian edition.1999 May

Price : Rs.75

Total pages : 457

Total no.of Medicines : 203 + 8 Bowel nosodes

Contents of the book

  • Preface
  • Alphabetical list of leading remedies
  • Characteristics of leading remedies
  • The Materiamedica of some more important  remedies
  • The Bowel nosodes

Mode of presentation

  • Name of the remedy on the top
  • Common name on the Lt side
  • Family/chemical name on the Rt top
  • Aetiology / Causative factors
  • Constitution
  • Mental general
  • Physical general
  • Regionals
  • Modalities
  • Relations

Special features

  • This edition is popular due to its preciseness &    comprehensiveness.
  • The symptoms have been rearranged & follow each  other in a logical sequences
  • In the previous edition the symptoms don’t conform to any order & randomly placed with out any logical  sequence.
  • No symptom is lost to the readers even on causal  reading due to the special arrangement of  symptoms.
  • All the symptoms belonging to one organ or organs having a similar or related function are grouped  together. Eg. Vomiting is usually located under stomach. Instead of using the conventional headings like stomach, abdomen, rectum & stool publishers used the heading GIT. So all the complaints related to one system represented in one heading.
  • All the abbreviations are standerdised according to Synthesis. In the previous edition outdated abbreviations which points to more than one remedies are found.
  • The symptoms are unaltered in substance & the language remain unchanged.
  • The present edition is highly useful for students
  • A separate section for bowel nosodes provides a concise idea about them.
  • Quality paper with neat printing compared to previous editions.

De – merits

  • Even though publishers claimed that all the symptoms belonging to one organ or system are grouped together, mouth, teeth, tougue etc. are given separately. Eg.Rhus tox
  • No definite pattern in arranging the symptoms.  Eg.In Nat.mur,Male organs followed by Extremities, then Male organs.
  • In Nat.carb,Extremities are represented after Female reproductive system.
  • Numerous spelling mistakes even on headings  Eg. Page ix, Alphabetical printed as Alhabetical
  • Page xiii, Characteristics printed as Charactristics.
  • Small letters are used to start certain letters Eg.In page 269 butter cap

Index of Medicines in alphabetical order are not given in the last which is present in the previous editions.

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  1. Spelling mistakes can be ignored because it is just typos. Even you made a typo in point no 6 under special features. The correct word is standardised not standerdised.

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