New Course on Materia Medica Comes Alive

Starts January 13
Homeopathic Remedies You Thought You Knew
A Six-week Course with WHN Favorites

  • Farokh Master
  • Will Taylor
  • Kim Elia

Tuesdays, January 13  to  February 17, 2015
6:00 – 8:00 pm pacific time
Farokh Master, MD

  • January 20 – Thuja
  • February 10 – Heroinum & Agnus castus

Will Taylor, MD

  • February 3 – Chelidonium
  • February 17 – Sanguinaria

Kim Elia

  • January 13 – Carcinosin
  • January 27 – Conium maculatum

Join popular instructors Farokh Master, MD, Will Taylor, MD and Kim Elia, as they team up to present an unforgettable 6-week course on Materia Medica Comes Alive ~ Homeopathic Remedies You Thought You Knew!
This course will focus on a series of remedies which are fairly common in daily practice but very much under-prescribed.
Materia medica study is a central part of ongoing homeopathic training. Ultimately, a sound knowledge of materia medica is pivotal to successful homeopathic practice.
In these sessions, the instructors will present case examples and differentiating points among other remedies to provide you with a deeper understanding of these “essentials” from our materia medica. Instructors will cover the use of these remedies in a wide variety of conditions, bringing to light their many facets through in-depth study and comparison.
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