No medical system is complete, so Integrative Medical Practice is essential -ICMR

Regarding the scope of  Integrated Medical Practice (IMP) approach, the coordinator of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Dr Amuthan said, “No medical system is completely perfect to provide the best health care. ICMR_Logo, which is called medical pluralism.

Several researches are going on in all the streams of Ayush and authentic results are coming out every day. The demand for healthcare needs is increasing alarmingly. So, more than a scope, it is necessary to have IMP approach”, Dr Amuthan said.

He points out that if guidelines for IMP are not prepared or delayed, there will be practical difficulties in implementing the scheme although the authorities allow for the multiple methods of treatment. If a combined therapy is applied to a patient, which doctor will take the responsibility if any consequences occur, what are the drugs to be combined, what will be done if any side effect occurs to the patient, how to scientifically study the drug interactions..etc are the gray areas need to be specified.

Until a set of rules for treatment are prepared, no doctor or institution can practice integrative medicine. So the ministry of Ayush should soon draft a set of rules for the IMP approach, he said.

Manipal University has set up a Center for Integrative Medicine and Research, wherein a team of physicians from different medical systems sit together and prepare treatment protocols which are being prescribed for volunteer patients based on individual need. At present, the doctors are focusing on liver diseases, male infertility, urolithiasis (urinary stones) and cancer. The Integration is solely based on scientific evidence and CIMR is expecting that it can provide evidence based standard treatment guidelines for these diseases through IMP approach.


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  1. Very much important advice from Dr. I support it with my 20 years of medical experience as naturopath and physiotherapy practitioner as alternative systems of medicine with my Registration number CASM 04640. This much need of IMP to recovery of the patient. Conventional method is a need with other systems of medicine that is maybe AYUSH. No patties are independent itself with disease control. Some of intellectual are good or bad. Government must constitute a strong body to support IMP as soon as possible otherwise neuroceutical will start their vested interest. Thank you.

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