A case of oligospermia solved with homeopathy

Dr Kavita Chandak 

A gentleman 27 years old consulted me with his wife for primary Infertility at 24th October 2018. He was married just 2 years back. His semen test done at 22 august 2017 was showing sperm count 8 lakhs i.e. 0.8 million. Sperm morphology – 0.5% Normal form, 95% Abnormal form.

He tried some allopathic treatment as well jadi buti [ herbs given in crude form by an illiterate non medicose without any scientific base.]

When he didn’t get any benefit, he landed in depression; stopped all medications in February 2018. He started fasting and worshipping God as he felt now only God could help him.

Later on visited me unwillingly..as referred by his brother in law, who was my old patient for Bronchitis.

The case was recorded as per Homeopathic method. He was operated for undecended testis and hernia in childhood. He was a lean delicate man, had tendency of flatulence with frequent stomach upset. He stopped consuming Indian ready tea as milk increased his acidity and flatulence for that he used to consume antacids on daily basis. There was a complaint of tiredness of mind, might be due to mental exertion. Noise was totally intolerable for him. He was irritable and reserved person. As a child he suffered frequent attacks of cold and coryza with herpes zoaster for one time. Thirmally chilly. Skin dry with cracks in heels.

These symptoms were enough to reach to medicine!

Method-  Individualised Homeopathic case taking.

Choice of Remedy
I din’t prescribe him Damiana to improve sperm count as many Homeopaths do in their usual practice. I gave him his constitutional remedy Natrum Carbonicum 200 one dose at 24 october 2018.


  • December 2018- Flatulence and frequency of stomach upset reduced.
  • March 2019-  Little weight gain; digestion good.
  • Natrum carb 200 one dose aqua.
  • June 2019- Reported that he started Indian tea again as milk tolerance is improved. Wife said that he could  comfortably interact with others.
  • Natrum carb 1M  one dose given.
  • August 2019- Laboratory semen test done.
  • Sperm count reached upto 8 Million[ from 0.8 million] in the duration of 10 months with constitutional homeopathic treatment.
  • Sperm Morphology-60% normal form,Abnormal form 40%.

Comments on selection of remedy– In this case I didn’t rubric for repertorization. Sometimes the patient himself talks about his material medica. As mentioned in the aphorism 5&6 by our master- A physician with unprejudiced mind can really feel the soul of his patient!

Let us discuss the Materia Medica of Natrum Carb-

Natrum carb. patients are always complaining of flatulence, heartburn, eructations; and they are acutely conscious of a very spoiled stomach. Usually there is a history of having taken one of the antacid preparations, and of taking it in quite large doses.

These patients are usually rather pale, sometimes definitely sallow, with a tendency to yellowish blotches on the skin. They tend to be rather underweight and of poor physique.

They are always tired-out people; very often with a history of having had a long spell of overwork, and they are exhausted nervously and physically. They complain of inability to work or to concentrate, of a sensation of confusion and a general feeling of brain fog. Most  Natrum carb. patients are depressed, and occasionally the depression goes on to definite religious melancholia.

There is a dislike of meeting strangers or having to talk to people; and a marked aversion to certain people.

Natrum carb. people are always nervous, and they have a general trepidation which is very much aggravated by any sudden noise.

In addition to being sensitive to noise, most of their senses tend to be over acute; they are over sensitive to light, their sense of taste is over acute. Their sense of smell, too, is always disturbed – sometimes it is over acute but, more commonly, it is entirely absent.

They are always chilly patients, very sensitive to cold, particularly to cold draughts, and yet they are aggravated by extreme heat and are very sensitive to exposure to the sun – they nearly always suffer from sun headaches. They are extremely sensitive to any atmospheric electrical storms.

They have a complete intolerance of milk. It increases flatulence and is very likely to bring on an attack of diarrhoea.

Drinks water frequently after meals.

Natrum carb. patients frequently get a period of extreme hunger late in the evening about 11 p.m. , and again in the early morning about 5 a.m.

The hunger may wake them.

Natrum carb. is very useful in many of the digestive disorders of pregnancy when these are associated with hunger during the night.

-Patients who tend to have these recurring attacks of diarrhoea may also have a certain amount of enlargement of the liver, and be slightly jaundiced.

-All Natrum carb. patients  tend to suffer from recurring attacks of catarrh in various situations; it may be a recurring leucorrhoea, a recurring nasal discharge, or an old otitis. The constant characteristic about these catarrhs is that, no matter where they are situated, they are always accompanied by very thick yellow discharges.

-All the Natrum carb. patients usually have diffuse rheumatic pains; complaining of creaking sensations in the cervical region, pains in their backs, weakness of the ankles and sensitiveness of the soles of the feet.

They all tend to have very dry skins, and they frequently complain of painful, dry cracks on the fingers, particularly the fingertips, and of the same sort of thing on the toes.

-Many of these patients, in spite of their general emaciation or loss of weight, get odema about the ankles in the evenings, when they are tired.

-They are all susceptible to herpetic attacks. They get eruptions round about the hair, they may get herpetic patches on the lips, and are liable – particularly the older patients – to suffer from attacks of thrush.

For children with milk upsets and milk diarrhoea accompanied by thrush, Natrum carb. is one of the important remedy.

-The drug that is most commonly confused with Natrum carb. is Sepia, and many of the patients who appear to need Sepia really require Natrum carb.

Skilful application of deep knowledge of Materia Medica can transform lives! Homoeopathy is not mathematics! It is not necessary to collect rubric and do the mechanical repertorization in every case. Every case requires a different approach for the entry point. Every patient is new!

Remember, Homeopathy is not only a science but art too!

Dr.Kavita Chandak,India.

Download full paper with investigations 

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