Pathology review – a valuable book for students and teachers

PATHOLOGY REVIEW—a very useful guide for the undergraduate medical students will be released by 20th April 2012 by the PARAS Publications, Hyderabad.

An essential guide for pre-clinical students to prepare for examinations, to candidates preparing for postgraduate entrance examination, to teaching faculty to prepare power-points and also to paramedical students.

Key features of Pathology Notes:  

  • Point-wise syllabus: Useful for rapid revision during peak hours
  • Highlighting points are underlined/ bolded: Helpful to answer MCQ’s.
  • Questions expected: Are given at the beginning of each chapter
  • MCQ’s at the end of each chapter: Helpful for self assessment
  • Practical Pathology: Classical gross and microscopy pictures are given
  • Covered Recent advances in Pathology
  • Included Clinical Pathology and blood banking
  • The language is simple and lucid which makes the book student friendly.

I hereby request you to recommend the same for your medical students, para-medical students, doctors and colleagues.

Details :

Author : Dr Sinhasan  S P
MBBS, MD, DNB (Pathology), MNAMS
Associate Professor,
Dept. of Pathology
Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute (IGMC & RI).
Puducherry- 605 009  (Pondicherry). INDIA.
Phone:+91 9442551998, 09448061975

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