Pediatric Homeopathy in Your Country

Homeopathy in Pediatric Training Country New Modality Face addressed to homeopathic institutions. (Schools, Associations, doctors, etc..)  a specialized course in Homeopathic Paediatrics organized by the  Campos University Health Homeopathy directly in the country of the entity concerned . 

  • 1 week of classroom training
  • Series 2011 – run Monday to Saturday
  • The hours of 9 to 12 and 14 to 18.

Teacher in charge : Rosalia Perez Dr. Villoldo Pediatric Medical Homeopath

BACKGROUND: This is training for physicians (all specialties, primarily those who are interested in pediatrics), graduates in medicine, homeopaths already established and to all those professionals who are interested refresher.

Indispensable : The participation of an entity that gathers homeopaths for the course possible.

Requirements : Medical degree, Bachelor of Medicine, and so on.

Degree Offered : Certificate of Training in Pediatric Homeopathy Homeopathy Campos University of Health together with the organizing body of each country.


The course is integrated with topics such as:

  • The newborn.
  • General pediatrics.
  • Most common acute illnesses in childhood.
  • How to minimize miasmatic imprints.
  • Health problems in school.
  • Difficulties in adolescence.
  • Teenage pregnancy is an excellent opportunity Homeopath action.
  • Virtual Exercises.
  • This provided real patient care to enhance the practice, depending on the local participant.
  • The study of homeopathic pediatrics will be enriched by texts provided by the University Health Homeopathy Campos each student enrolled.

In this material may find important topics such as:

  • Family and personal history of the child. Fundamental importance to find the simillimum and its relationship to the prevailing miasma in the child.
  • Study of the mental symptoms expressed by mothers and from the intuitive gesture of children.
  • Hypertrophy of the meaning of medical observation in a pediatric homeopathic medical consultation.
  • Study of the objective symptoms of greater value, both physical and mental, its importance in the search of similimun the lower the child’s age.
  • Acute, how to approach treatment.
  • Study of common symptoms such as fever and the importance of respect as a form of healing reaction.
  • Conduct disorders: difficulties in school learning, attention deficit disorder with hyperkinesia, violent behavior, enuresis and encopresis, etc..
  • Medical records to make real and virtual dimension of importance in the decision of symptoms, their hierarchy and Repertory.
  • Patients will be examined to illustrate the case taking according to the participation of local authorities in each country.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Only the concurrent diplomas awarded more than 80% attendance.

The objective of this project is to focus on health poblem of children / adolescents and their homeopathic solutions.

The students gain knowledge of commonly used homeopathic medicines, practices will be targeted at a very good decision of the case, even watching children play and the story told by their parents.

Homeopathy Campos University Health
Artigas 172
E3264CHD C. Uruguay (ER) Argentina
Phone 54 (0) 3442 43 24 80 and rotating


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