Planning Commission incentives, grants and loans for Ayush

Planning Commission Steering Committee recommends incentives, grants and loans for upgradation of Ayush industry

The Steering Committee of the Planning Commission has recommended giving of incentives, grants and soft loans to the Ayush industry for prompting voluntary quality assurance certification and requisite upgradation of laboratory and manufacturing infrastructure to meet the stipulated norms for standard and premium markets.

“Support a coordinated programme to establish pharma-technology development platforms in “several” institutions, viz reputed colleges, universities and research institutions to standardize selected processes and products and their pharmacodynamics and kinetics, by building upon the well documented, traditional quality standards, that were achieved traditionally, through home scale production. Research on standardization of Bhasmas should be one of the agendas of this programme,” the steering committee said, ahead of the finalization of the Plan documents.

All the State Governments should be required to obtain NABL accreditation. Support to R&D Centres for collaborative work with industry to publish definitive technical monographs for raw materials (botanical, mineral, metal, animal biproducts and marine products), in processed and finished formulations. Support for studies, surveys and macro data to develop a firm and complete statistical identity for the Ayush sector and all its aspects including knowledge,” it said.

The panel also recommended a programme to compile a computerized national licenced drug list with unique product codes for both classical and propriety drugs. This programme should be facilitated by developing uniform national software for drug licensing, harmonized for use by all State agencies in the country, the panel said.


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