Proclamation of the Homeopathy Act at College of Homeopaths of Ontario

ontarioWill take place on April 1, 2015

Following receipt of final government approval and publication in the March 14, 2015 edition of the Ontario Gazette, the transitional Council is pleased to announce that the Homeopathy Act, 2007 will be proclaimed on April 1, 2015.

This momentous event represents the culmination of years spent developing a framework for the self-regulation of homeopathy. Accountability and public protection go hand in hand. It marks the beginning of a new phase for both the public and the profession.

Sincere appreciation must go to the hundreds of stakeholders who have contributed to this process and will continue to do so.

What Proclamation Means
On April 1, 2015, the Homeopathy Act, 2007 will be proclaimed and the transitional Council will become the College of Homeopaths, vested with the full power of the legislation, including the authority to register homeopaths, administer a quality assurance program, and receive and investigate complaints and reports. Also on that date, a public register of registrants will be added to the College’s website, allowing for public access to information about practitioners’ registration status.

As of the proclamation date, only those who have been issued a certificate of registration by the College can use the title “homeopath” and/or hold themselves out as homeopaths.

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