Pulse in Allen’s keynotes of materia medica

DrBalkirshn Patel

1)Aethusa cynapium pulse small hard quick
2)Amyle nitrosum retards and weakens the pulse
3) Anthracinum. Sinking pulse
4) Antimonum crudum. Pulse hard and rapid
5 Antimonum tart. Cries and whines if anyone touches it ,will not let you feel the pulse
6) Apocynum pulse quick and feeble
7) Arnica pulse full and storng
8)Arterias Rubens hard full frequent
9) Arum met small feeble
10) Belladona pulse full and bounding , globular,like buckshot striking the finger
11) camphora pulse weak , externally small , scarslely perceptible
12) crotalus hor pulse scarslely felt, weak pulse
13) Digitalis. Pulse full, irregular,very slow and weak, intermittent,every 3rd ,5th and 7th beat
14 ) Diptherinum pulse weak and rapid
15) Gelsemium slow pulse of old age
16) Glonine terrific shock in the head , synchronous with the pulse
17) Kalmia latifolia pulse slow , scarslely perceptible,(35 to 40 per minute)
18 ) Lilium tig irregular pulse
19) Muriatic acid pulse intermittent every 3rd beat
20) Naza pulse irregular in force but regular in rhythm
21) Pyrogenium pulse abnormally rapid, out of all proportion to temperature Pulse rapid,small wiry,140 to 170
22) Secale cor pulse small rapid contracted and often intermittent
23) Spigelia chest affection with stitching pain synchronous with pulse
24) Tabacum intermittent pulse, Pulse quick ,full,large ,small, intermittent, exceedingly slow,feeble, irregular almost imperceptible
25) Veratrum viride full hard rapid pulse,slow full pulse,hard as iron Pulse suddenly increases gradually decreases below normal,slow ,soft ,weak , irregular, intermittent
26) Adrenaline exceedingly rapid pulse , irregular intermittent heart beat
26) Ustilago pulse 80 and weak
27) Bacillus no 7 slow pulse rate

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