Quick prescriptions in homoeopathy based on modalities

Dr Disha Rao K

Abstract- Among the various approaches to a case, prescribing based on modalities is an easy and quick method. They can be time modality, seasonal modality, psychological factors, etc. Here are some of my experiences prescribing based on this method.

Keywords- Modality, Ailments from, Prescription.

Introduction: Homoeopathy, as we all know, is a unique and vast science. Each Homoeopathic practitioner has his own way of approach to a case, forming a totality and selecting a remedy. Most of these approaches follow the basic Hahnemannian principles too.

Some of the methods of prescriptions are-

  1. Based on ailments from/causation
  2. Based on keynote symptom
  3. Based on mental make-up of the person
  4. Based on mental cause/event
  5. Based on modalities altering the complaints

And many more.

Hahnemann in 6th edition of Organon mentions that while considering the totality of symptoms, the modalities can be the sole guide to the remedy.1

Kent also adds, “many times you will find that the modalities of each organ conform to the generals. Sometimes, however, there may be modalities of the organ, which are particular that are opposed to the general. Hence, we find remedies that appear to have in one subject one thing, and in another subject the very opposite of that thing. In one it will be general, and in another it will be particular.” 2

One of these interesting methods I have come across is prescribing based on modalities. Modalities are the factors that make the symptoms better or worse. They can be aggravating modalities or ameliorating modalities, usually denoted by ‘<’ and ‘>’. Some of the different types of modalities are:

  • Time modality- alteration of symptoms according to time. It is of two types:
  • Diurnal modality- sunrise, sunset, day, noon, night, etc
  • Specific time modality- 6pm, at 3-5am, etc
  • Seasonal modality- changes according to atmospheric conditions.
  • Weather- cloudy, damp, dry, sunny, wet weather
  • Season- summer/winter/monsoon
  • Locomotion modality- Changes according to the posture or movement like walking, ascending stairs, rising from seat, etc.
  • Thermal modality- Changes caused by heat (dry heat/moist) or cold(dry/wet)
  • Food and drinks- Aggravation or amelioration by certain foods like sweets, salty, spicy, sour, fruits, chicken, oil, potato, rice, wheat, etc.
  • External stimuli- Affections by light, noise, sunlight, touch, pressure, etc.
  • Physiological eliminations- cough<while coughing, < or > from sweating, <during/before menses.
  • Mentals or psychological factors- aggravated by stress, anger, better by consolation, crying, etc. 3

CASE 1: Allergic rhinitis
A 65-year-old man came to me with severe symptoms of Allergic rhinitis from 25years. On enquiry he revealed that he had noticed a peculiar characteristic that he gets severe episodes of rhinitis every time he consumes sweets. Having a sweet tooth, he had them quite often, which led to sneezing so severe that it would exhaust him to an extent he had to sleep the rest of the day. So here, the modality <from sweets was considered and the remedy Argentum nitricum was prescribed a few doses. I got a call from him a couple of weeks later, exclaiming that he had had sweets 3-4 times after the previous medicine and to his surprise he had never had an episode of Rhinitis.

Allen’s keynotes: Aggravation- eating sugar; 4

Boericke’s Materia medica: Stomach- Great craving for sweets; Modalities- worse, sweets, after eating; 5

CASE 2: Meniere’s disease
A 35-year-old Software engineer, complained of a loud roaring sound in both her ears from 20 days. With all other parameters being normal, the ENT surgeon she consulted had diagnosed her with Meniere’s disease. She was on some medications prescribed by the ENT with no much relief. Though the sound in her ear was almost constantly present, the characteristic she told me was that she cannot tolerate least sound. Even the voice of her little one causes an aggravation of her symptoms and results in dizziness, nausea and heaviness of head. On this basis, the remedy Theridion was prescribed to her. Within a week, all her symptoms were relieved.

Boericke’s Materia medica: Sensitive to noise; it penetrates the body, especially teeth. Noises seem to strike on painful spots over the body. Head- Vertigo, with nausea and vomiting.

Allen’s keynotes: Ears- every sound seems to penetrate through the whole body, causing nausea and vertigo; Head- Vertigo on closing eyes; from any, even least noise; aural or labyrinthine (Meniere’s disease)

CASE 3: Fever of unknown origin

A 2.5-year-old boy had fever from 3weeks, with increased perspiration, mild nasal discharge. The Paediatrician had advised Calpol syrup, giving only temporary relief of fever. The mother was anxious as she had been giving medicine continuously for 3 weeks to such a young child with no relief. On further inquiry, the mother told me that the fever was on and off, the temperature particularly rising early in the morning at around 3am. One dose of Kali Carbonicum was given and the mother came back 3 days later with a grin on her face. The fever never came back.

Kent’s Repertory: Fever- midnight, after- kali-c2+;

                              Generalities- night- 3am- kali-c3+; 6


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Dr Disha Rao K,
PG scholar
Father Muller Homoeopathic medical college and hospital, Mangalore.
Under the guidance of-  Dr Jyoshna Shivaprasad, HOD, Dept of Paediatrics.

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