Utility of pathological general rubric “suppuration” from Knerr’s repertory: a prospective interventional analytical study

Dr  Jaimin R Chotaliya

The Objective was to study the usefulness of rubric “SUPPURATION” from chapter “GENERALITIES” of Knerr’s Repertory (Augmented & revised edition) edited by P. Sivaraman in cases of Abscess and Boil. To ascertain the role of homeopathic medicines in suppuration with verification of suppuration related rubrics from Knerr’s Repertory. With research question, Will the rubric “SUPPURATION” from chapter “GENERALITIES” of Knerr’s Repertory (Augmented & revised edition) edited by P. Sivaraman useful in cases of Abscess and Boil?

The study was a Prospective interventional and Analytical study. A clinical study had been conducted in which total 50 experimental samples were randomly selected from the 3 project sites, Smt. S. I. Patel (Ipcowala) Homoeopathic Hospital, Amul Dairy Road, Anand and Rural as well as O.P.D. centers situated at Sarsa and Borsad.

50 samples were selected through Random Sampling method with fulfillment of inclusion and exclusion criteria. Data collection was done with the Personal Interview Method According to guidelines given in Organon of medicine, book by Dr. Hahnemann. Knerr Repertory and BBCR Repertory were chosen for Repertorization on HOMPATH Zomeo V.3.0 with specially Prepared Case Performa and Scoring systems were selected as tools for data collection. Potency Selection, Repetition and Follow ups were decided according to need of particular case  of Suppuration.

STATISTICAL ANALYSISPaired t- test was done in Microsoft Excel using Pre- Treatment and Post-Treatment Score from Specially Prepared Scoring System.

RESULTMost of the cases were seen in the age group 11-20 that suggest the hormonal changes and life style pattern during this era and Male sex having slightly more Predominance than female sex. Most of cases are cured in this study, 1M potency was more effective in curing the cases while 200th and 30th were more cases with improved state. 34cases (68%) with thermal reaction Hot were found. Most of cases show Syco- syphilitic or Sycotic background. On the diagnostic level most of the cases were of boil (23 cases, 46%) in this study. Data of Frequently used medicines and Eliminating rubrics were also obtained that helps to verify the related Literature of Homoeopathy.

This study helps to verify that Pathological General Rubric Suppuration from Knerr repertory is useful to treat cases of Suppuration with Indicated Medicines. It has also proved the Effectiveness of Homoeopathy in treating Suppuration Cases with functional changes as well as Secondary changes like Indurations and Scar.

KEYWORDS: Suppuration, Knerr’s Repertory, Eliminating Rubrics, Pathological generals.

Dr. Jaimin R. Chotaliya
(Pursuing M.D. Part -II) (Department of Repertory)
Dr. V. H. Dave Homoeopathic Medical College and Research Centre, Anand, Gujarat, India.

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