Report on Sehgal’s School of Revolutionised Homoeopathy seminar

Dr.Sehgal’s School Of Revolutionised Homoeopathy, in carrying forward its legacy of 32 years, organised its Annual Seminar from 20-23 Feb 2014, at India International Centre, New Delhi.

The four days long programme was a true reflection of the teachings of our revered founder, Late Dr. M.L. Sehgal.

The study of “Graphites” with Dr. Sanjay Sehgal was par excellence. Graphites patient is unrefined and simple.

He has aversion to business, incapacity as well as fear.

BUSINESS – aversion to + BUSINESS – incapacity for +  FEAR – business; of= Graph.

Graph has both Fear of work and Fear of business.

Dr.Sehgal elaborated the distinction between Bar-carb and Graph.-

Both have no courage to express their opinion, but the reasons for this lack of courage is different. (Cowardice- opinion; without the courage to express own = Bar-c, Ign, Graph, Petr, Staph.)

Bar-c has a- DELUSIONS, imaginations – laughed at, mocked, she is – hides behind furniture, therefore

Bar- c feels that he will be criticized and laughed at if he expresses  his opinion this makes him timid.

He even differentiated all the five remedies in the rubric Cowardice- opinion; without the courage to express own and showed us the Glimpse of  remedies like Asteria Rubens, Secale Cor, etc..

He gave many useful clinical tips regarding the application of Sehgal Method. 

Dr. Yogesh Sehgal while differentiating the various remedies under the rubric- Consolation- agg.; beautifully explained the rubric-

DELUSION, corner of house project so that he fears he will run against them while walking in the street

House-a natural covering or shelter
Project- penetrating, plot, conspiracy
Run against-unexpectedly
Walking-to advance
Street-a situation offering opportunity

A patient of Arg.nit.anticipates he will encounter some criticism or feels people from his shelter may say something against him for his sickness.The patient doesn’t like to face confrontation with anyone as he fears of getting harmed and losing his self control. So any CONSOLATION, kind words aggravates…..!

Dr. Prem Sharma enlightened the delegates about “Rhus Glabra,” one of the lesser known remedy, which is rarely prescribed clinically.

The king pin of the remedy is- Delusion, danger, impression of- world is dangerous.Bottom of Form

Because of this delusion, Rhus Glabra patient  feels he will be robbed and cheated and has a fear of being injured. If we combine two very simple rubrics, the only medicine will be RhusGlabra.

Anger, himself with + Anger, waiting while= RhusGlabra.

He  even shared his clinical experience of the application of L.M. Potency- How he started using it? What was the need of using it? How to Repeat? Many such important issues were addressed and cleared.

On the last day of the seminar it was again time to pause and remember the great master…. Late Dr. M.L. Sehgal who not only laid the foundation of Revolutionized Homoeopathy  but gave the fraternity a very easy and practical method to reach the similimum.

All the delegates paid homage to their “Guru” on the day of his birth…. As they relived their memories with Dr. Sehgal, tears trickled their eyes and they shared their personal experiences with him.

It was indeed, a valuable learning experience for all passionate Homoeopaths from world over who were a part of this knowledge bonanza.

Dr. Shruti Sehgal
(Team S.S.R.H.)

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