Review on the book “Target Super Protocol in Homoeopathy” 

Dr Mansoor Ali 

A set of guidelines for homoeopathy practitioners to get high-end results not only in common acute and chronic disease but also in Autism, ADHD, visual and auditory challenges and many hereditary diseases.

A new synthesis of Classical, Logical and Practical approach in Homoeopathy in tandem with the advances in genetics 

Authors : Dr Sreekumar R, Dr Sreevidya KN
Price : Rs. 299
Pages: 230
Published by : B jain Publishers New Delhi

This book will help the new and existing generation of Homoeopaths to build confidence in classical homoeopathy.

Clinical protocols are there in allopathy but not suitable for the concept of Homoeopathy – since we are treating on individualisation. So a protocol in homoeopathy must meet the concept of individualisation. 

Target Super Protocol developed by the authors is envisaged to enhance therapeutic success in homoeopathic practises by addressing various challenges in the therapeutic field.  

When this protocol applied to the school health programme Jyothirgamaya of Kottayam district, out of 32 cases, 320 cases showed promising and positive results. 

This book acts as a reference book describing a protocol, i.e. a set of guidelines to be followed by homoeopathic practitioners while dealing with any of the cases to target 100% successful results in their practice.

To overcome the limitation of repertorization – a concept of effective rubric selection also mentioned. Along with the current rubrics, we must include old disturbing or dormant symptoms form the past history as target rubrics. 

A chapter Sree Doctrine of Inheritance explains how to tackle inherited disorders and prevent unhealthy inheritance. 

Illustrative Cases
Being a homoeopath, one has to face so many hurdles while resolving cases in hand, this book explains many cases that seem to be incurable by other systems of medicine – the process of case taking, point of entry and rubric selection in a methodical way. 

This book acts as a guide to enhance therapeutic success in homoeopathic practise by addressing various challenges in case taking, therapeutic field as well as provides a clinician with the direction to crack difficult and incurable cases.

Chapters Correcting intra-uterine petal abnormalities, a protocol for congenital anomalies, ADHD, learning disability are interesting and replicable. 

Tricky target rubrics
One of the main problems we encounter in clinical practice is the conversion of patients’ symptoms into the language of the repertory. This chapter will help the practitioners to find out appropriate rubrics for various conditions encountered in day to day practice. 

Late Dr Sreekumar R – a leading practitioner from Kerala, was a Medical Officer in the department of Homoeopathy – Govt of Kerala played a memorable role as the project officer Janivijaya – a programme to vijayapuram panchayat – a disability-free panchayats through Homoeopathy. 

Dr Sreevidya w/o Dr Sreekumar – greatly contributed in designing genetic profile in Target Super Protocol to overcome the challenges ahead in therapeutics.