Technical Guidelines for diagnosis and homoeopathic management of musculoskeletal disorders

Book review by Dr Mansoor Ali

Author : Dr Sreekumar MB
Publisher : Dr Jessy Rekha PP
Price : 480
Pages: 86 A4 size Multicolor

These guidelines will help the students and practitioners for the successful management of musculoskeletal disorders with a proper protocol and application of remedies.

Clinical examination of musculoskeletal diseases is explained in a homoeopathic way. Various tools such as case taking format, applied materia medica, anti-inflammatory chart, essential drug list, study reports etc. are beautifully incorporated in this book.  

Section – Applied Materia Medica of Musculoskeletal disorders – in interesting and worth to read. 

The author beautifully evaluated the bone tissue affinity of homoeopathic remedies under various headings like

  • Bone remedies with prominent Mental & emotional causes 
  • Bone remedies with the prominent inflammatory tendency
  • Bone remedies with prominent injuries effect 
  • Bone remedies with prominent Nutritional effect 
  • Generalised joint remedies 
  • Gouty remedies 

Bone remedies with prominent action on Muscles, muscle wasting, tendons, ligaments, bursar, membranes 

A chapter on Back – highlights the specific remedies for non- specific back problems and specific back disorders. 

In the chapter – Miasmatic approach in musculoskeletal skeletal disorders – flow chart will help the practitioner to identify and prescribe on the basis of miasma.

Accessory management and supportive care with illustrations mentioned in one chapter

The essential list of remedies with suitable potencies for the management of musculoskeletal disorders also mentioned based on the 18 years of experience o the author. 

Lastly a table on Quick view of Musculoskeletal remedies – summarises the entire work, a table that every practitioner can keep in the table as a ready reference for treating various Musculoskeletal diseases. 

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