Revised AYUSH Scheme for CMEs and ROTPS 2012 -13

Central Sector Scheme for supporting  Continuing Medical  Education and Exposure programs of AYUSH

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AYUSH  teachers  and  practitioners,  sometimes,  do  not  have  access  to professional  journals  and  web-based  CME  like  their  allopathic  counterparts.

There is a need for upgrading their professional competence & skills. Emerging trends of  health   care  and   scientific outcomes    necessitate  time   to  time enhancement     of   professional   knowledge    of  teachers,   practitioners   and researchers.     Many   issues of the   profession cannot   be  covered    through stereotyped  course  curricula, and  need  augmentation  & clarification through direct interaction with the resource persons and domain experts. Good Clinical Practices  and   Good   Teaching   Practices  are   the  two  areas   where   AYUSH practitioners  and  teachers   need   to  be  regularly  updated   to  keep  up  the standards of health delivery and adequate training of students respectively in accordance    with  the   emerging   demands.

Similarly,  use  of   Information Technology as a tool for widespread dissemination of AYUSH developments and updates  is  need  of  the  hour  in  the present  era  of  fast  changing  trends & methodologies. Web-based  educational  programs  like  the  ones  conducted  by UGC are required for AYUSH for wider dissemination of current information and trends.  The  services  of  AYUSH  paramedics  and     health  workers  are  also  of utmost  importance  in  health  care.  Hence,  the  upgradation  of  knowledge  of these  personnel  with  updates  and  changing  trends  is   proposed  under     this Scheme.

The  updated  pattern of the scheme is  based on the experience gained during  9th  &  10th  Plans,  feedback   received   from  various  institutions  and requirements    for  varied nature   of  training of  AYUSH    personnel  and   their exposure to AYUSH centres of best practices. Overall structure of the scheme is aimed  at  encouraging  AYUSH  personnel  to  undergo  need-based  professional training and bridge the knowledge gaps.

Last date of application : 15th April 2012 ( Likely to be extended)


  1. To  encourage  AYUSH  professionals  to  undergo  need-based  professional orientation and professional skill development in an organized manner.
  2. To update the professional knowledge of teaching material and clinical care to teachers and doctors respectively.
  3. To impart good teaching practices and teaching methodology to teachers for adequate training of students.
  4. To  encourage    the  use   of  Information   technology    and  web-based  education  programmes for widespread     dissemination    of   AYUSH  developments and updates.
  5. To train doctors in good clinical practices and emerging trends of health care and scientific outcomes for keeping up the standards to health care delivery.
  6. To provide information to doctors on professional journals to keep them  professionally updated.
  7. To  encourage    AYUSH    paramedics  and   health  workers    to  undergo    periodical  training  for  improving  health  care  services  in  hospitals  and  dispensaries.
  8. To   arrange    need-based  management training   programmes  to  administrators of AYUSH institutions and hospitals on health aspects for  delivering quality services.
  9. To update regarding R & D activities in AYUSH systems.
  10. To apprise regarding new Acts / notifications and other information  addressing regulatory issues in AYUSH systems.
  11. To highlight the areas of research and avenues for collaborative activities.

Scheme components:

(I) CME programmes & Exposure Visits

  1. 6-day   subject-/specialty-specific    CME   programme  for  AYUSH  teachers.
  2. 6-day  introductory  programme  of AYUSH systems  for allopathic  and foreign doctors/students.
  3. 6-day specialized training for AYUSH paramedics/health workers.
  4.  3-day/5-day Management  training  to  AYUSH    administrators/heads of departments/institutions.

(II)   Continuing  Medical  Education  (CME)  Programmes  &  exposure  visits   for AYUSH doctors.

  1. Theme-specific    six-day/three-day   CME   programme     for  AYUSH   practitioners at district and sub-district levels.
  2. Six-day exposure visit cum CME programme for AYUSH doctors at specialized centres of best & innovative practices.

All the above programmes under (I) and (II) would be modular in nature.

(III)  Web-based educational programmes

  • Preparation  of  subject-/specialty-specific AYUSH  modules/CDs/DVDs  for  wider  dissemination  through  web-based   training programmes.
  • Preparation, launch and running of web-based journal.

(IV) Preparation of  Peer  Reviewed  Journals   in  CDs/DVDs or  Making   available the lectures of CMEs in CDs/DVDs in AYUSH sector:

  1. Preparation  of  peer-review  journals  in  CDs/DVDs  for  up-to-date   education  and  research  developments  in  AYUSH  sector  for  up-  gradation of professional knowledge of professionals.
  2. Preparation   of  CDs/DVDs    on  lectures  delivered   at various CME  programmes  to  facilitate  distance  learning  of  AYUSH  for wider  dissemination,  and   up-gradation  of   professional  knowledge    of  practitioners.

(V) Organizations  having  domain  knowledge  like  the  National  Institutes    viz., Rashtriya Ayurved Vidyapeeth and others and universities/deemed    universities and reputed organisations will be supported for the benefit    of AYUSH fraternity for the following:

  • a)  To   develop   training   material,  courses,   modules,    CDs   and  structured programs;
  • b)  To  design   and   develop   innovative   CME   courses   for  AYUSH   practitioners;
  • c)  To develop IT interface (software) for innovative CME courses;
  • d)  To  establish  a  special  cell  in Health/AYUSH     universities  for registration of AYUSH  &  IT  organizations  and  to  coordinate  the  deputation of AYUSH teachers for training programs.
  • e)  To  provide  exposure  of  best  practices  in  clinical  and  hospital  management areas to AYUSH teachers & practitioners.
  • f) To conduct innovative short term training program for teachers at  reputed AYUSH institutions on subjects as under 

Eligibility criteria:
Financial   assistance  through   the scheme   will  be  provided   to  the following   institutions/organizations on receipt of   component-specific proposals.

Criteria for Resource Persons:

 1.  CME for Teachers:

  1. Renowned  Teacher/Researcher/Practitioner   holding   PG  qualification   with   10   years   of   teaching/clinical/ research  experience  in AYUSH  in concerned  subject/specialty  and  having  good communication skills.
  2. Preference    to those   having  prestigious  publications  to  his/her   credit.
  3. In case of Non-Medical subjects, those holding PG qualification   with 15 years of experience in the concerned area or Ph.D. with 5  years’ experience for Bio-science, Bio-statistics etc.

2.  CME  for  Doctors:    Teachers/  private    practitioners  holding  Graduate  degree with at least  15 years of clinical experience and eminent in the  concerned subject/specialty.

3.  CME   for  Paramedics     and   Health   Workers:   Renowned     Teacher / Researcher  / Practitioner  holding   PG  qualification  with   5 years of teaching/clinical/  research/nursing experience  in AYUSH  in  concerned   subject/specialty and having good communication skills.

 4.  Management  Training:  Qualified  and  experienced  faculty of reputed institutions.

Criteria  for  institutions:  Institutions   having  own  conference  hall  &  good  audio-video facilities may be preferred.

How to Apply:  Application for seeking  grant  to  conduct  Continuing  Medical  Education Programme  for  teachers /doctors  or  other  programs  is  to  be  made,  in  the proforma given at Annexure – A to-

The Director   (CME Scheme)           The Director
Department of AYUSH                                  Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth
Ministry of Health & FW                                Dhanwantary Bhawan, Road No-66
Red Cross Building                                           Punjabi Bagh (West)
NEW DELHI-110 001.                                     New Delhi-110 026.

For more details and Application forms:

Module for Homeopathy


  1. The revised scheme of C.M.E. is good. The qualifications for resource person are published so that proper persons will be selected & the trainee will be benifited. The number of C.Me. & re orantion programme for Kayachitsa should be increased because teachers of this subject are larger than other ubjects.

  2. I am working as Medical officer at Disttric Training Centre Gondia(M.S.).Pl inform me cme calender,it is helpfull for B.A.M.S. graduates. Thank you sir.

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