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The month of April is something special in the life of every homoeopathic physician. It conveys a peculiar feeling which inspire us to do lots of thing for the Homoeopathic profession. The celebration of 10th April, the Birthday of our great Master Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, should also make us aware about the responsibility of us to the homoeopathic profession. The celebration should not be confined to the garlanding, worshipping and taking 5star lunch/dinner. It is the day of self-criticism and introspection.

We should evaluate ourselves that how much we did for this great scientific system of medicine and what we can do in the near future? Since this date the seed of the Homoeopathic system initiated and from this date we can start our walking more systematically in a definite pattern so that we can reach to the desired goal. There is different perspective of thinking and it is obvious that the students, practitioners, academicians, homoeopathic related official personalities etc. will think separately, maintaining their individuality. Assuming the different thought process some ideas  can be thought of, so that the path of the reaching to the target becomes smooth one.

What will be the aim of the Homoeopathic students?
Conventional (excluding the exceptions)

  • To pass the examinations by hook & crook.
  • To get the job or service is the first choice of option.
  • To take entry in the stipendiary PG course (for the financial benefit of 3yrs).
  •  To make sound knowledge of the allied subjects in comparison to the Homoeopathic subjects.

Ideal thinking

  • In the student tenure, problem based learning will be preferred in relation to examination oriented learning. The object of passing the examination should not suppress the inquiry of knowing the subject in depth.
  • First, you should remember that the satisfaction of one physician is best found in the practice and you will observe it in your latter life. Nothing to be annoyed and worried if any one fails to get the permanent service. All of our stalwarts of earlier days were practitioners.
  • To bring out the maximum benefit of the PG course through learning. It is another option to prepare you for the future. Most of the time of BHMS period abused to avoid the supplementary examinations. You can go to the depth of the Homoeopathic subjects through library works, Internet surfing and under the proper guidance of the able guide. You can increase your ability by taking active participation in the seminar, symposium, group discussions, taking class in UG level in regular basis and observing multiple patients in OPD and IPD you can enhance your clinical knowledge as well as the knowledge of the application of the Homoeopathic remedy.

As  a practitioner
Conventional (excluding the exception)

  • Confusion about the Hom. Philosophy and the principles
  • Dilemma in single/poly pharmacy prescription
  • To earn money in any form, even sacrificing the very basics and fundamentals of Homoeopathy.
  • Lack of professionalism.
  • Insecurity and inferiority feelings.
  • Lack of self-confidence and education.
  • Lack of reorientation in the profession.
  • Lack of “zeal and enthusiasm” to go to the depth of every case.
  • A peculiar laziness to share the knowledge among the profession.
  • No desire to document the cases for future evidence and references and to write down the cases , experiences etc. in the journals, bulletins etc.
  • Failure to take the advantages of the computer and Homoeopathic software in the clinical field in regular basis.
  • Unsuccessful to include them actively in the different Health activities, National Health Policy as a part of the integrated health care for the suffering humanity.

Ideal thinking

  • There should be no confusion if any one go through the Homoeopathic principles and philosophy in detail and apply it in the clinical field. The problem lies with the superficial knowledge of the Homoeopathic philosophy and lack of confidence to apply it in the daily practice. You will be astonished to observe the superiority of our philosophy in relation to the rationality and scientificity.
  • Homoeopathy is based on some principles and single remedy prescription is one of it. So it is useless to stay in dilemma regarding the single and poly pharmacy prescription. The poly pharmacy prescriber should documented their cases for showing their affectivity in large form and those cases will be judged by the reason of prescribing by the senior professionals. A large clinical trial in different form in different places under the guidance of able authority in govt. or private level can make the solution of this dilemma.
  • In no form the fundamentals of Homoeopathy can be ignored or overlooked because that will weaken the very existence of it.
  • Professional attitude, self confidence, regular education, taking active participation in the reorientation program, interchanging and sharing the views, taking maximum benefit of the IT sector, to make it habit to proper documentation of every cases, to develop writing ability to present the papers in the journals, to be the active member of all of the programmes of the health care system – can make the scenario in a large scale.
  • Modern society has accepted the holistic conception and the contemporary field of science is very slowly progressing to the new thinking which is very similar to our philosophy and the day will come when the scientific attitude of the society merge with  the concept of the Homoeopathy. So it is the time of being enthusiastic and feeling proud of being a Homoeopathic Physician.

As an Academician what will be the aim?

  • In the academic field the scarcity of the teacher who can inspire the students is observed.
  • To maintain the mechanical schedule in the college in the both govt. and private sectors are noted.
  • Lack of education to make the academic part up to date.
  • The tradition of teaching procedure remain the same which in  reality became monotonous today.
  •  The lack of sharing their views in the medical field, lack of active participation in any academic session in any stage.
  • Political gain and loss in relation to the academic field will destroy the real aim of the academician.
  • The pessimistic attitude of the academicians in the both sector may cause harm for the future profession.

My humble suggestions:
I can quote from Organon of Medicine that we should avoid the “love of ease”. Another basic quality is “untiring zeal” which should be in every Homoeopathic physician. Education and learning is the only way for an academician to make them competent enough in the clinical field. It is the academic personalities who can co relate the knowledge of Homoeopathic philosophy with the knowledge of medicine.

The implementation of their knowledge in the academic field should be with more innovative thinking. The presentations should not be monotonous; the use of the audio visual methods, internets (e-learning) will increase the standard of the teaching. First of all you should love the subject which you want to teach and it is the skill of you by which you can present your lecture in the most scientific and modern way. Impression of the teaching should cause impact in the mind of every student – this should be the aim looked for. The role of the academician is to create interest in the subject and to give the proper guide line in the way of learning. Your optimisms should affect and influence the student and then only one can be successful in the teaching.

 Dr Rajat Chattopadhyay MD(Hom)
Reader & H.O.D., Practice of Medicine
Mahesh Bhattacharyya Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital
(Government of West Bengal)
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