Rules & Regulations to Practice Homeopathy at Oman

Oman1No person is allowed to practice, unless licensed by the ministry of health according the terms and conditions incorporated in a ministerial decision.

A ministerial decision would be issued to determine the professions associated with medicine, that cannot be practiced without licensing. The decision would include licensed terms and conditions, and relevant regulations.

Two registers shall be maintained in the ministry for registration of medical practitioners and dentists, licensed by the technical committee [see article 21].

The following information should be included in the register.
[a] Name of the doctor
[b] Number and date of registration
[c] List of qualifications with date and issuing authorities
[d] Address and place of work

4. The ministry would publish the name of registered doctors in the official gazette with in a month from the date registration. with
– Name of the doctor
– Address and place of work
– Number and date of registration
– Region /Regions in which he is allowed to practice

5. Medicine and other associated professions shall be practiced in a medical clinic, a hospital or any other suitable place approved by the concerned authorities.

6. The doctor should observe the medical ethics, and should not spoil the medical care and procedures, both technically and morally . The doctor should attend to his patients in a human manner, irrespective of their financial or social status or their nationalities or beliefs

7. Doctors are not allowed to pharmacy or veterinary, financial sharing between the doctors and a pharmacist or anybody else is absolutely forbidden. Doctor is not allowed to examine patients in trading establishment, pharmacies and places where drugs and equipment are exhibited, except for an emergency that necessitates treatment of a causality or a sick person.

8. A ministerial decision would be issued with regulations of clinics and private hospitals.

9. The doctor should attend to all patient unless the cases is beyond his specialization, in this case, he has to hive necessary first aid and refer the patient to the nearest hospital with a report on the initial examination results and treatment given.

10. The doctor is not allowed to perform abortion or any procedure leading to a abortion unless on medical ground and decided by a specialized medical committee. In this case the operation shall be performed by a gynecologist, whenever possible.

11. The doctor should not issue any report or certificate contrary to the truth.

12. The doctor should not disclose patient confidentiality unless he obtains the consent of the concerned person. He may disclose it to a close relative such as parents adult son either for the seriousness of the patient ailment, or any other justified reason, he may also disclose it for the sake of preventing or uncovering a crime, or if he suspects that the patient is suffering from any of the stipulated communicable diseases, he should notify the concerned authority either spontaneously or 45 upon its request. If the doctor is assigned by a life insurance company to assess the clients he should disclose the confidentiality to the company only.

13. In line with the professional ethics, the doctor should not conduct any type of advertisement to himself. He many fix a sign board on the clinic, and publish announcements on opening or change of clinic address or duty hours.

14. The quantity of permissible drugs to be maintained in the clinic for patient use would be determined by a ministerial decision. Narcotic drugs may also be maintained in the clinic, provided that a register is maintained for such drugs, showing the purchased quantity and date of purchase and the dispensed quantity and date of use , name of patient, his address, the diagnoses, the quantity administered.

15. The doctor shall maintain a register in the clinic for entering information concerning the patient, including name, age , address, date of visit, diagnoses and treatment given.

16.The ministry of health reserves the right to assign doctors to inspect the private clinics and hospitals at any time and without a prior notification, and submit their reports on their findings to the ministry.

17.The doctor shall not be held responsible for the outcome of the treatment, provided that he given necessary care and used all possible means of proper diagnosis and adequate treatment.

18.The doctor shall be held responsible for any harmful consequences resulting from his practice and as follows:

[a] If he commits an error as a result of his ignorance of common scientific and technical matters.
[b] If he proves to have been negligent and careless or does not provide necessary medical care.
[c] If he conduct experiments or scientific researches on the patients, which are not approved by the ministry.
[d] If he performs in his clinic, any kind of operations or treatment not allowed by the ministry to be performed other than in hospital.

19.Without detriment to any severe penalty stipulated by other law any person practices medicine a manner contrasting to the rules of this law, will be subject to imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding RO. 1000/- or both penalties.

In all circumstances the license may be withdrawn permanently or temporarily and the place of work may be closed down, the signs removed and medical equipment confiscated. The legal action would be published in the official gazette on his own expenses. Any body harmed by the infringement may appear before the concerned court to claim for compensation from the offender.

20. A technical committee would be formed by a ministerial decision and would be responsible for the following:
[a] Scrutinizing the application for the practice of medicine.
[b] Following up the execution of the rules of this law.
[c] Maintain a high level of practice in the sultanate and ensure adherence to the ethics of the profession.

21. Without treatment to the rules stipulated in this law or any other law the committee shown in the previous article, would attend to infringements to the articles of this law. The concerned doctor should be notified to appear personally before the concerned doctor should be notified to appear personally before the committee, which would inform him of the infringement, hear his statement and scrutinize his defence.

The committee may apply any of the below mentioned penalties.
[a] warning
[b] suspension from the practice for a maximum period of one year.
[c] cancellation of the license and registration.

The concerned doctor shall be informed of the committee decision within a month from the date he has been notified. The minister may issue a decision, on the basis of which the appeal is either rejected or referred to the committee, in case of the latter, the decision of the committee would not be final unless approved by the minister.

The final decision of cancellation of license and registration shall b published in the official gazette on the offenders expense.

Source :
Ministry of Health of Oman

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