Sankaran’s Schema by Dr Rajan Sankaran

Book review by Dr Rajiv Abraham 

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2005 Edition
Reprint-May 2006

This first edition of “Sankaran Schema” is in fact a nut shell in a tabulated form the concepts of Sankaran spread over his books-The spirit of Homoeopathy, The Substance, The System, The Sensation in Homoeopathy ,An Insight into Plants (Vol 1,2&3)and Sensation refined 

It also contains information from future books by Dr.Sankaran including Survival, Structure. These has also been incorporated into Vital Quest software. The booklet is colorful in superior layout. The subjects are arranged in a chronological way from General Kingdom understanding to latest understanding on use of Doodles(as elaborated in Sensation Refined).

It a must be book for Homoeopaths following Sankaran’s method. As the author cautions its meant for people who have read the above said books of Dr Sankarn and who are familiar with his concepts and methods.

And without this background Schema should not be used. Those who have the background or is familiar with concepts and methods it’s avery valuable tool.

It represents the information as available as of now and is bound to more changes in future. Dr.Sankaran is instrumental in developing a system method in Homoeopathy.

The booklet contains information Kingdom Features of Animal,Plant and mineral as elaborated in his Work Substance of Homoeopathy and further in System of Homoeopathy. Then the concepts of Miasms from his books.
It later elaborates further on Various Plant Kingdoms with their Vital Sensations(An Insight to Plants-3 vol’s) and various Plant families and remedies with their miasmatic chart. The finer differences over families sharing common Sensation is elaborated.

It is followed by an tabulated format of Understanding of Mineral Remedies in Rows and Columns(yet unpublished work on Structure). And miasmatic chart of the same.

The last Kingdom elaborated is Animal containing Sub-classification into Mammals,Insecta,Arachinida,Reptiles,Birds and Mollusks.

The last few section deals with Seven levels of Experience, and steps of case taking and techniques in finding out the vital sensation and case follow up criteria. The text concludes with use of Doodles in Homoeopathic Case taking.

In short this puts all together work Sankaran spanning from His Book on The Spirit of Homoeopathy to yet to be published material. Its magnificent & Concise of a pioneering work and with a caution not for the novice

Dr Rajiv Abraham BHMS,MD(Hom)
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